Experience of activities in a small rural school in laboratory conditions

In the educational and health center of PetrSU “Urozero” Petrozavodsk schoolchildren held Maslenitsa.
Emotions are off the charts, happiness is overwhelming, ready for the holidays. It is difficult to describe what is going on inside everyone who has visited Urozero. It was cool! The frost did not frighten us. We were greeted by the beautiful forest beauties Winter and Spring.

All were divided into two teams (5 children and 2 adults in each team). The assignments were funny. We were treated to pancakes with honey, jam, dried milk, forest tea, fruits, sweets. And after that we rode cheesecakes for 1.5 hours. Both children and adults rode ! And the sun rejoiced at us and embraced us with its rays. Did we want to leave? Of course not! So, in a year, or maybe we’ll come back sooner,

– shared her impressions Irina Kovalenko, studying at school №10 in Petrozavodsk.

Among the organizers of the event – Art. V.I. Maksimova, lecturer at the Department of Tourism, IFKSiT. Valentina Maksimova introduced the schoolchildren to information on admission to PetrSU and, in particular, to the directions “Tourism” and “Hotel business” . A total of 218 people took part in the celebration.

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