First experiential bachelor’s degree programme in business in India, taught by Harvard, Oxford, Amazon, and Apple faculty members


New Delhi : Gurgaon-based Masters’ Union, a new age Business School, has launched India’s first experiential Undergraduate Programme in Technology and Business Management and is looking to invest over $10M in bringing top educators from across the world.


In a first for Indian undergraduate/bachelors students, the programme combines faculty from the world’s top-ranked universities such as Oxford & Harvard with MDs, CEOs and CXOs from companies such as Amazon, Apple, IBM, McKinsey and KPMG.


Staying true to the Masters’ Union teaching philosophy, the 4-year full-time course is imparted in a hands-on and experiential manner where the students learn business by doing business. In fact, each alternate term is an out-class term where students work in the real world and apply their in-class learnings from the previous term. These include building their own e-commerce stores, running a YouTube channel, creating blockchain protocols, building a startup, shadowing CXOs from Mckinsey & KPMG as well as studying abroad.


The blended course integrates a core business education with technology to prepare students for a digital-first The 8 new-age specialisations include Computing, Advanced Data Analytics, FinTech, Product Management, Strategy, Marketing & Design, Entrepreneurship, & e-commerce. The programme will also pair each student with dedicated mentors for Public Speaking and Communication, Personal Branding, & Career Coaching.


Pratham Mittal, Founder, Masters’ Union said, “In India, business education at the bachelors’ level is largely seen as a formality before enrolling into a good PG programme at home or abroad. Our aim is to add genuine value to the 3-4 years that UG students invest in their education. Our new-age programme is built on experience and global exposure – to create business leaders who are prepared to establish their own successful enterprises or run large organizations right after their graduation.”