Five Employees with Functional Impairments Working with Campus Grounds Maintenance

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is building an inclusive organisation and is committed to taking on employees with a functional impairment. Roughly 60 participation employees have found work at WUR. These are positions in our staff, support services, education, and research.

In the last call for tender for campus grounds maintenance, WUR set the condition that at least two participation jobs with an average of 25.5 hours must be created by the supplier. Donker Groen was selected as the supplier for this call and has more than satisfied this condition by creating five annual, full-time positions for employees with a functional impairment in the grounds maintenance services on WUR’s Wageningen Campus and its immediate surroundings.

Enriching the Team

Both WUR and Donker Groen view the inclusion of participation employees as a way to enrich the grounds maintenance team on Wageningen Campus. “The dedication and perseverance of employees with a functional impairment are often an inspiring example for other colleagues. The diversity in the team lays the groundwork for creative ideas and solutions. These impairments start to be seen as possibilities,” says Donker Groen.

Inclusive Organisation

WUR continues to look for employees with functional impairments and has created a special team for this: Job Participation Support | jops: the team for inclusive, safe employment participation at WUR. jops recruits candidates that fall under the job agreement from the Target Group Registry and matches them with standard vacancies, adapted vacancies, or positions that have been specifically created for the target group. jops then continues to guide these candidates in their work and development.

WUR believes that when people with a functional impairment find the right place to work and participate in the labour process for the long term, then everybody wins. Both the employee and the team. WUR works with all parties involved to create an inclusive organisation with opportunities for people with functional impairments.

Are you or do you know someone with a functional impairment (with a statement from the Target Group Registry), who would like to work at WUR? If so, please contact [email protected] for an introduction.