Flavours of International Cultures Come Alive at Canadian International School

Bangalore: Canadian International School (CIS) organized a Multicultural Day to celebrate different cultures at the school. There were various fun-filled activities that gave an insight into the diverse population of the CIS community. Over 800 people from 40 different nationalities gathered at the event for a truly ‘multicultural’ experience along with celebrating diversity and international oneness.

Several stalls representing various countries were organized at the event. The stalls showcased the culture, tradition, music, and food of the respective countries. It was a vibrant display of cultures and colors, with participants proudly displaying their heritage by donning traditional costumes and performing their local songs and dances. Parents and visitors were treated to exciting entertainment and resounding music by the school choir and band. The event concluded with a sapling planting drive marking the 23rd birthday of CIS as institution which has always believed in promoting sustainability at its core.

“This event is my favorite experience on campus, as each year new wonderful performances and traditions are put on display and I learn something new each time, said Sayali Bramhe, a student of CIS.

“Multicultural Day was a very unique experience for me. I really enjoyed tasting all the different cuisines from around the world.” said Devani Perera, a parent.

“Such initiatives in schools help students appreciate the richness and diversity of others culture and respect for all. In fact, the parents at CIS put in an enormous effort to create what was a memorable and fun event.” said Naomy K Joy, a teacher at CIS.

“We live in a world of diverse cultures, languages, beliefs, and customs. This day is a fantastic celebration of the life and the spirit that makes CIS the culturally rich mosaic that it is. Diversity is something that is always celebrated at CIS. Such an event also provides the students with abundant learning opportunities and an ability to adapt in various environments across the world.” said Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School.