Greenwood High talent excels at Hackathon 2019 as the distinctive GWH coders

Bangalore: A three-member team of young coders from Greenwood High International School were awarded second runners up at a 24-hour hackathon event conducted recently at Stonehill International School. Around hundred students from eight schools participated in the event. Varun Giridhar, Dhruv Venkataraman and Srivatsava Missula of Xth standard, IGCSE participated in the event as GWH coders and were awarded the 3rd prize in the senior category for their idea to create a mobile app which can help in the management of medicines. The talented trio were instrumental in successfully creating a compliant mobile app as per the official theme of the competition. The team created a mobile app with OCR capabilities, text analytics, and database design along with the API capabilities in 24 hours and were able to demonstrate the entire concept including integration with Google (Home) on what medicines to take and when. The students were also awarded with a prize money of Rs. 10,000 for their landmark innovation.

The theme of the competition this year was education, healthcare and food. Greenwood High coders were inspired to bring their efforts to the fore in a proactive attempt to ideate a solution in Healthcare, where they developed an app using technology which enabled them to solve the problem of medicine consumption errors including wrong medicines consumed unknowingly or the prescribed medicines not consumed on-time as well as not validating the purpose and authenticity of the medicine as there are lots of Fake/recalled/expired medicines still in circulation. The concept was to scan the pills for analysis and recommend the patients on the information related to its purpose, recommended dosage, side effects and its authenticity along with places to purchase. On scanning the prescriptions, the app creates a medical schedule for the patients and leverages Google Home for seamless interaction related to reminders and clarifications.

“It is a moment of great joy for us. The journey from ideation to execution was intense but enjoyable. We are glad to have taken a challenge in Healthcare and leverage technology to potentially solve it. We had tons of learning experiences and we are glad to have included cognitive intelligence as part of the idea. I appreciate the motivation and encouragement from the School to expand our limits.” said the members of GWH Coders.

Elated with his recent achievement of the students, Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School said: “It is really praise worthy that our students chose healthcare as a topic for their innovation. Participating and achieving accolades at such events is not only a big confidence booster for these students but will also help them in better time and stress management. Our school has always been working towards promoting innovation among the students and we have been constantly training our students in developing analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking which ensures that students are capable of coming out with triumphs in such challenging competitions.”