Fliplearn announces free access to Fliplearn Edge for all schools in India till March 2022

New Delhi: A leading EdTech start-up Fliplearn has announced free access to Fliplearn Edge, its pioneering e-learning platform, for all schools across the country till March 2022.

The disruption caused by the pandemic has created a great disturbance in the education sector and students have suffered a great deal. While schools are trying to bridge this emergent gap by migrating to digital platforms, teachers and parents are also trying to cope with the challenges of this new shift.

Complicating the dire situation is the factor of cost – schools and parents have had to manage their resources in these stressful times to ensure that their wards’ education does not suffer. To offer support to them and ensure that there is no cause for disruption in a student’s education, Fliplearn Edge has waived off its subscription for schools across the country so that there is seamless migration to the digital platform.

The teachers will also have uninterrupted free access to all the study materials, test and assignment for online classes till March 2022.

Fliplearn has created Fliplearn Edge, it’s award winning e-learning platform to supplement a child’s learning with the help of fun and interactive digital content, curated from world class players, that has been mapped to all education boards in India and aims to help schools across India to effectively push the academic calendar forward.

Fliplearn Edge’s streamlined curriculum features well-designed integrated components that include 2D and 3D videos, practice tests, real-life application, topic synopsis, diagram maker, mind maps, and previous years question papers. The platform offers gamified quizzes as a participative learning experience, thereby improving the cognitive abilities of students and increasing their attention span.

Its engaging, and simplified 2D and 3D content, and easy access to an array of impressive features, has helped simplify teaching by teachers. Features like Virtual Live Conferencing , Assigning homework online, Curated World Class Content, Automated Corrections – both subjective and objective , Creating Test Papers Online and Individual Student and Class Performance reviews give Control and flexibility to the teachers to teach virtually .

Speaking on the announcement, Divya Lal, Founder and Managing Director, Fliplearn said “Considering the disruption in the education system due to the current pandemic, we aim to bridge the gap by providing free access schools to Fliplearn Edge so that learning will never stop. We launched the platform in March 2020, with the vision to provide a complete academic solution and fortuitously the deep need for our product in schools and among students only makes us more determined to be the platform of choice for educationists, educators, students, teachers and parents.”
“By ensuring access to knowledge that is critical to students, Fliplearn aims to play a role in helping bridge the learning gap created due to the pandemic. The subscription fee waive-off is one move towards participating and contributing to continued education for students, teachers, and schools. In a world that is changing fast, tools of learning and education must keep pace so that our next generation is equipped and empowered to march ahead,” she added


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