G7CR Technologies Announces ‘Spotlight’- an initiative to bring out success stories of its employees

New Delhi: As part of an effort to bring out the success story of its employees and foster the culture of employee engagement within the organization, G7CR Technologies Pvt Ltd, India’s leading Cloud Service provider, has launched a unique program ‘Spotlight’. The year-long activity will witness each employee interact with the MD of the company and talk about their life journey, hardships, personal and professional growth. The informal one-on-one session is shot into a half an hour episode and aired on the company’s YouTube channel so that others within the organisation get to know about the individuals.

Generally, in a large organisation where you have hundreds of employees working, it is humanly not possible to know all your colleagues. ‘Spotlight’ aims to address this in an entertaining and interesting way so that people across the organisation get to know each other. The initiative will help bring out the story of every individual and at the same time also ensure that the entire organisation knows these individuals even if they have not met in person. Every Friday a new episode of ‘Spotlight’ is aired on the company’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoLSMY30nVwG_lyLOIYBH4g

Employee engagement has emerged as a critical driver of business success all over the world. Initiatives where employees get a chance to talk about themselves with the MD of the company and let the entire organisation know about them helps not only in promoting retention of talent but also help in creating a happy workforce. High levels of engagements with employees also improve organizational performance and stakeholder value.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Christopher Richard, MD & Chief Cloud Architect, G7CR Technologies India Pvt Ltd, said, “Whether it is a story of struggle or success, every individual has a unique story to tell and ‘Spotlight’ helps in letting the entire organisation know that story of its each employee. The initiative will help in building a stronger bond within the organisation and make employees feel valued, respected and heard. The idea is to create a highly engaged environment where employees across the department get to know each other in an interesting way and work as a close knit family.”

G7CR Technologies has been recognised globally for its technical capabilities driving cloud success journeys for businesses from industry verticals such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, PSUs, Education, Retail and IT.

G7CR has in the recent past come up with various HR initiatives for its employees. Earlier when the pandemic struck, the company had announced a work from home allowance of INR 18,000 for all its employees. In addition, the company has also announced benefits of INR 1 Lakh as hospitalization expenses for COVID related treatment. The company went a mile ahead to deliver comfortable chairs from its office to the employee’s homes and is also reimbursing monthly internet bills as well.