‘Gandhi Chair’ in Universities and ‘Gandhi Stambh’ to be established in Colleges

Bhopal: The Chief Minister Shri Kamal Nath will do symbolic collective inauguration of ‘Gandhi Chair’ to be set up in universities and ‘Gandhi Stambh’ to be constructed in colleges at State Level Function in Bhopal on the Death Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on January 30. The Higher Education department has directed all the universities as well as government and private colleges of the state to complete procedure in this regard by January 26.

The ‘Gandhi Chair’ will be set up under the political science department of the universities. For this, a five member committee will be constituted, in which the Vice Chancellor and Head of the Department Political Science will be inducted as Chairman and Secretary respectively. Apart from this, three members from professors and students of Gandhian image will be nominated in the committee by the Vice Chancellor. Under the aegis of Gandhi Chair, scholars who are doing research focusing Mahatma Gandhi will be given incentive of Rs. 60 thousand per annum at the rate of Rs. 5000 per month for a maximum of three years period along with other scholarship.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, research souvenir focusing Mahatma Gandhi will be published in each academic session. Research papers, articles, report on various programmes and photographs will be published in the souvenir.

The ‘Gandhi Stambh’ will be constructed in such government/private colleges, which own lands and buildings. A suitable place will be decided with the consent of chairman of public participation committee for the construction of ‘Gandhi Stambh’. Expenditure on construction of ‘Stambh’ will be met from the public participation head available with the government colleges and from its own fund in the private colleges.

The ‘Gandhi Stambh’ to be constructed in the colleges will be of square shape. In the front part of the Stambh, ‘Resolution of Gandhiji’ will be inscribed. In the left behind the stambh ‘Mahatma Gandhi ji in Madhya Pradesh’ and in the right part ‘Major Movements of Mahatma Gandhi’ will be inscribed.