Shastrarth tradition is unique element of Indian culture: Governor Tandon

Bhopal: Governor Shri Lalji Tandon said at the Akhil Bharatiya Shastrarth Sabha held at Raj Bhavan that the Shastrarth tradition is a unique element of Indian culture. This is the basis of the continuity of culture from Sanatan Kaal. He said that for this reason, the biggest social and ideological changes took place in India without bloodshed, whereas in contemporary cultures, the changes that took place with bloodshed no longer exist. Shri Tandon honoured the scholars with the Shastra Kala Nidhi at the Shastrarth Sabha and presented them ang vastras, shriphal and souvenirs.

Governor Shri Tandon said that many cultures were embedded in Indian culture. Each of them has also their own philosophy. All these traditions are still alive today, because social and religious changes have taken place from time to time on the basis of reasoning by way of Shastrarth. Shastrarth is a unique heritage of our culture. It needs to be revived. The Governor said that in Indian culture, peace and knowledge in the universe are prayed for. This is purely on logical grounds. Peace comes from knowledge. This will happen only if there is knowledge and peace in the whole universe.

The Governor described the presence of a large number of self-motivated spectators at the programme as an auspicious sign. He said that the deep roots of Indian culture are embedded in us. The Gurukul of Maharishi Sandipani located in Ujjain reminds us of the special qualities of the Indian education system. Krishna, an expert in many disciplines and arts, received education here, which suggests that there was a system of holistic education in the ancient education system. Students of the royal family as well as students from the ordinary poor family received education together.

The form of Nitya and Anitya was contemplated under the subjects of Justice, astrology, literature and grammar at the Shastrarth Sabha. In the discussion of grammar topic, the Poorva Paksh and Uttar Paksha expressed rational views on the Nitya and Anitya of the word Shabd. In the Shastrarth, the difference of Dhwani to Anitya and Shabd to Nitya were established. The Shastrarth Sabha deliberated on the forms of Nitya and Anitya under the justice, astrology, literature and grammar. In the discussion of literature, rational views were presented by Poorva Paksh and Uttar Paksh on Kavya Lakshana. In the discussion, scholars presented thoughts on whether Shabd is Kavya or Gun is Kavya with reason. Kaal Tattva in Jyotish Shastrarth was discussed. The scholars held a discussion on the interpretation of the form of Kaal. During Nyay Shastrarth, Nuclearism was discussed. On the basis of logic, it was stated by the Poorva Paksh that there cannot be division beyond atom, hence it is Nitya. Uttar Paksh said that which is invisible and indivisible cannot be a molecule.

Vice Chancellor of Maharishi Panini Sanskrit Vedic University, Dr. Pankaj Jani gave the welcome address. He shed light on the programme and the outline of the Shastrarth. University Registrar Shri L.S. Solanki expressed gratitude to the scholars.