Geographic festival “Volga region”

The next geographical game “Volga Region” took place at the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences. It was held within the framework of the multi-stage geographic festival “We are discovering the Earth”.
The theme of the December stage of the festival was the North-West region of Russia. And the spring theme of the geographical game for schoolchildren was “Volga region”. The festival is gaining great popularity among schoolchildren and teachers of Petrozavodsk. This time 8 city schools took part in the event. The game was played in a remote format using Zoom video conferencing software. This required a lot of preparation from the organizers and participants, the coordination of all actions.

The content of the game is developed taking into account the age characteristics of children, the format of the game, the interests of schoolchildren. The playing field contained stations with self-explanatory names: “On the Volga Coast”, “Echpochmak”, “Yellow Mountain”, etc. The names of the teams impressed the jury and organizers very much. So, for example, the team of the “Specialized School of Arts” was called “Volgodon”, and the team of school # 6 was called “Volga Outskirts”.

The jury consisted of first and fifth year teachers and students. The preparation of questions and assignments, the direct implementation of the stages, contact with the participants in the game, and the assignment of points according to the criteria were the full responsibility of the 4th year students. The questions were very interesting, the answers were very funny! At the very beginning of the game, the schoolchildren represented a separate subject of the Volga region, in which they talked about the most amazing sights of the regions. In terms of the amount of points, the teams of the MBOU of the Petrozavodsk urban district “Secondary school No. 35” Aspiring “, the MBOU of the Petrozavodsk urban district” Derzhavinsky Lyceum “” Khuholi “, the” Greenhouse effect ” objects “,