Visit of the Head of Karelia to PetrSU

Head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov got acquainted with the innovative developments of the IT-park of PetrSU and saw how the renovation of the Pedagogical Innopark of PetrSU is going on.
IT-park is equipped with modern equipment and software; employees have completed internships at leading foreign universities, innovation centers and technology parks around the world.

Since 2010, the IT-park has been a center for the development of innovative production activities and small innovative entrepreneurship in PetrSU, after Russia adopted legislation allowing Russian universities to create small innovative companies with their own foundation. Innovative companies are engaged in the commercialization of the developments of university scientists, bring them to the stage of small-scale and serial production and market launch. For the development of production activities, technoparks have been created at Karelian partner enterprises, where joint R&D is carried out and new prototypes of equipment are tested. From 2010 to 2020, the university created 35 small innovative enterprises with its foundation and attraction of private investment.

At present, the IT-park is an innovation and technological park of PetrSU, which brings to the market developments created on the basis of the university’s intellectual property in the field of information technology, microelectronics and nanotechnology. The number of employees of the IT-park of PetrSU exceeds 400 people.

It includes the departments of the university: Center for Automation Systems; Nanocenter; Engineering center; Center for Budget Monitoring, Club of Creativity of Programmers. Small innovative IT-companies with the foundation of the university work at the IT-park: Optisoft LLC; LLC DPCs of Karelia; Cloud Computing LLC; LLC “Karton Optima”; Nanoseti LLC, Internet Business Systems LLC, Unitronika LLC, etc.

To ensure the training of innovative personnel and the development of youth entrepreneurship, the park includes: Student business incubator; UMNIK club; Intellectual club of GO, Training Center for process control systems. Support and support for the commercialization of R&D, protection, implementation and promotion of the results of scientific, technical and intellectual activities, the development and implementation of innovative projects is carried out by the Department for Innovation and Production Activities.

On the basis of the IT-park, the Representative Office of the Federal Fund for Assistance to Innovations in the Scientific and Technical Sphere is actively working. Within the framework of the Foundation’s programs, 190 students and young scientists received grants under the UMNIK program, 16 small companies of the university received grants for startups and development projects.

In the IT park of PetrSU, import-substituting and high-tech areas of computer engineering, industrial automation of technological processes of enterprises, microelectronics and instrumentation are developing.

Scientific and technical developments in the direction of “information and telecommunication technologies of industrial automation of enterprises” are carried out by the Center of Automation Systems, LLC “Opti-soft”, LLC “Cloud Computing”, etc. The main activity is the development and adaptation of science-intensive software for industrial enterprises and organizations , provision of engineering services in the field of IT-development. More than 40 Russian and foreign enterprises of the real sector of the economy are the customers of the work.

Thus, the Opti-Soft Company is one of the largest IT companies in Karelia, where more than 95% of employees are graduates of PetrSU.

Opti-Soft software systems and services are in demand in 18 countries of the world (including Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada and the USA), as well as in many regions of Russia. Customers are dozens of enterprises from various industries in Russia, as well as international corporations.

The company has developed and is successfully implementing a line of proprietary software systems for planning production processes from forest management to shipment of finished products. The software being created uses high-tech mathematical support – multifactorial optimization mathematical models and specialized methods for their solution, implemented in original algorithms of our own design, as well as artificial intelligence methods.

The results of the implementation of these systems are such that, for example, using the Opti-Sawmill software system, sawmills in Russia and Germany “saw” 7 million cubic meters of raw materials per year. One of the Customers is the world’s largest sawmill Ilim Nordic Timber (Germany).

When using another system – Opti-Corrugated – a quarter of all corrugated board in Russia is produced. the system has been implemented at more than 20 large and medium-sized enterprises for the production of corrugated packaging.

Thus, the Karelian IT company ensures the creation and implementation of world-class software.

At the Center for Budget Monitoring, the Head of Karelia was told about projects related to information and analytical support at the federal and regional levels in the field of: analysis and forecasting of the development of federal and regional labor markets and educational services markets; training personnel of the highest scientific qualifications, taking into account the priority areas of science, technology and technology; providing public and individual information and analytical services to government authorities, organizations and citizens that facilitate informed decision-making on the development of both the educational system and the labor market, and personal professional career.

Visited Artur Parfenchikov and the Pedagogical Innovation Park of PetrSU on the street. Pushkinskaya. Construction work is underway there on the last stage of the Pedinopark. The opening of the first stage of the Pedagogical Innovation Park took place in February 2019. The completion of the construction of the last stage is planned for 2022.

The Pedagogical Innovation Park is a structural subdivision of PetrSU. Pedinopark operates in the park system of PetrSU, which is a network of industrial and educational spaces developing in the mode of collective use centers: an IT park, an engineering, biomedical, pedagogical park, a humanitarian park, a project innopolis, including a youth innopark and the Boiling Point site.

The Pedagogical Innovation Park is an organized territorial, network (virtual) space operating in the mode of a specialized center, as well as a center for collective use, designed to form an open creative environment that promotes innovation in the field of pedagogy and psychology.

The purpose of the Pedagogical Innovation Park is to create a center for generating new promising ideas in the field of pedagogy and psychology, their transformation into innovative developments and testing in the social sphere of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.