Ghent University: Rik Van de Walle and Mieke Van Herreweghe re-elected as rector and vice-rector of Ghent University

In order to be elected, the duo had to obtain the majority of votes from three of the four electoral groups: the professors, the assistant academic staff, the administrative and technical staff and the students. This goal was amply achieved.

Of the professors, the current rector and vice-rector received 77.8% of the votes, the assistant academic staff gave them 79.5% of the votes, the administrative and technical staff gave them 87.1% of the votes and students gave them 37.7% of the votes.
The Ghent University community is thus giving the current rector and vice-rector a clear mandate to start a second term of office in September.

Rik”In recent years I have given everything I have to be a good rector of a fantastic university. Many people have helped me in this endeavour, day after day. Together with Mieke, I am proud of what we have achieved. The fact that all this is appreciated by so many people from the Ghent University community makes me very happy. We hoped for some more votes from the students and in the coming months we will examine together what can be improved, within the margins of what is feasible. The result we achieved in each of the staff categories is absolutely splendid, and better than I had dared to think. I draw courage and enthusiasm from the overall election result to also want to be a good rector in the years to come.”
-Rik Van de Walle, rector
In accordance with the decree, it is the Board of Governors of Ghent University that formally appoints the rector and vice-rector of and has five days to do so. The board meets the day after tomorrow, on Friday 7 May 2020. The new mandate of Rector Rik Van de Walle and Vice-Rector Mieke Van Herreweghe starts on 1 October 2021 and lasts until 30 September 2025.

Mieke”Elections always mean waiting with a heavy heart for the results, but it is difficult to put into words how grateful I am with the “great distinction” we received from the Ghent University staff. Rik and I have proven to be a good team over the past years. This result clearly means that we are rewarded by the Ghent University staff for four years of hard work, that they believe that we will do the things we promise to do, and that we will deliver on the programme we have presented to them. Of course, the results from the students are disappointing and we will try to find out why in the coming period. Nevertheless, I am fully looking forward to the next four years as Vice-Chancellor to work together with Rik in the service of all Ghent University staff and students. Connecting the entire Ghent University community, whether they voted for us or not, is something we will continue to do.

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