Glendale secured No 8 Rank in India and No 1 in Telangana

Hyderabad: It’s a matter of pride to announce that Glendale Academy had surpassed all others securing top position in the region by being ranked No.1 in Hyderabad and Telangana. Not only that, Glendale Academy figures into the top ten educational institutions in the country and has secured No.8 in India by Education World India Rankings 2020-21! On Tuesday, celebrations were held in Bandlaguda school campus for being recognized as No 1 Co-Ed Day school in Hyderabad.


The Education World in association with C fore, Delhi has concluded its 14th annual Education World India School Rankings survey. A sample respondents’ database of 11,368 SEC (socio-economic category) ‘A’ parents, educationists, principals, teachers and senior school students in 28 cities and education hubs across India were interviewed to rate the country’s Top 2,000 schools on 14 parameters of education excellence.


The Chief Guest, Mr Bhavin Shah, the Director of Education World said, “We primarily elated and believed to our mission statement by our founders Dilip Thakur and Sumaya Yasmin which believed in to build the public pressure to make education as a number one item on national agenda. I am proud to say that the institutes like Glendale, the education becoming number one item on national agenda. Congratulations to each and every stakeholders – all the educators, students, parents who contributed to this journey. India school rankings when it all started predominantly the whole factor was to give better inform decision to parent to take decision for their children’s better future. The scientifically designed 14 parameters that educations will follows, a professional agency Centre for Casting and Excellency done it for six months period. It has become world’s largest field exercise in which more than 22,000 schools have participated. The management’s vision, the efforts that goes in, the way they groom the kids by bringing in holistic nature, and there are certain patented education patterns that Mrs.Anjum Babukhan has which includes her multiple intelligence theory such as A,B,C of brain learning made it possible.”


Glendale Director, Anjum Babukhan, “Glendale has immensely blessed I don’t know if we deserve it. But, Minu Salooja it would have happened without your benevolent support, your kind nurturing, persisting and to make everything possible. We could haven’t achieved it without all the heads. It’s not just one person but the team of headmistresses, academic heads, and each and every department be it academics or co-curricular activities, all the visual and performing arts have delivered their best.”


Assistant Director Ms.Minu Salooja, “It was indeed a great honour to be the first batch of India’s No 8 and Hyderabad and Telangana’s No 1 school Glendale Academy. This goes o you. You Children deserve it. It goes to our teachers, our heads and group schools, and to our administrative staff, teachers, supportive staff, an our association with Education World. This is one ranking that every school India aspiring to be listed in. Bhavin you kept us on our toes to come in No 1 from No 2 position. Our Director Mrs.Anjum Babu Khan was like a honey bee who gathers the nectar of knowledge and wisdom as her mission was to collect everything and share it. We all are indebted to you for your teachings (sharings).”


Glendale Academy International Previous Awards

1. Shrimati Sushma Swaraj Sthree Shakti Samman Puraskar 2020

2. Ranked No. 2 in the category of Co-Education Day School in Telangana.

3. Ranked No. 14 among India’s top 1000 schools Education World School Rankings (2019).

4. Extraordinary Leadership Award- Education World Grand Jury Rankings 2019-20.

5. Among Fortune Magazine’s Top Future 50 Schools Shaping Success in India.

6. World Education Summit award Delhi Elets (Innovation in Pedagogical Practices).

7. Ranked No. 19 among India’s top 10,000 schools at the Inaugural ELITE (Emerging Leaders in Innovation, Technology & Education Rankings 2018.

8. Top School in National Curriculum in South Zone by Times Education.

9. Best Sports Services Organization by Mind Mingle.

10. School Excellence Award in three categories by Brainfeed Magazine – Inspirational Leadership, Life Skills, Innovation and Leadership.

11. Green Building Certification under Gold Category by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

12. First prize at the 4th Garden Festival organized by Horticulture Department, Govt. of Telangana.



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