NIIT University (NU) introduces 4 new programmes aligned to the careers of future

New Delhi: Established with a vision to bring about innovation in higher education and learning in emerging areas of the knowledge society, the not-for-profit NIIT University (NU) introduced 4 new programmes in the new academic year 2021- B.Tech in Communication and Computer Engineering, B.Tech in Data Science, B.Tech in Cyber Security, and Bachelors in Business Administration. These programmes have been specially designed to train students for employability and to incorporate new-age skills for the future of work.

Through a transformational process that involves multidisciplinary courses, these programmes have been introduced at NU to make students future-ready for the new world of work. The course curriculum focuses on holistic learning while keeping students at par with technological advancements. These ensure that students are industry-ready as they graduate to work in today’s dynamic environment. NU’s 4 core principles – Industry-linked, Technology-based, Research-driven and Seamless education – are a critical part of achieving this.

Prof. Parimal Mandke, Acting President, NIIT University said, “For an enduring career today, it is imperative for every individual to learn to adapt and change with times to ensure they are relevant in an ever-changing dynamic world. Keeping in mind the growing demand for new age skills, these new programmes offer the best in learning pedagogy, through our outstanding faculty, while enabling students to prepare for the future and offer recession proof careers in today’s evolving work environment.”

B.Tech in Data Science degree is a four-year undergraduate programme that is built keeping in mind the growing demand for data science experts worldwide. The programme aims at deployment of data sets models to solve real world problems. The programme emphasizes on providing industry-academic synergy for our students to establish careers in /DS/AI/ML, entrepreneurship research and higher studies.


B.Tech in Communication and Computer Engineering is a four-year undergraduate programme that is dedicated to carry out ICT based management and integrate telecom systems with associated software in networking, enabling students to gain expertise in digital & distribution controls, latest devices in internet-based communication networks, AT, CS, cloud & edge computing, etc.


B.Tech in Cyber Security degree offered is a four-year undergraduate programme which has been designed for those students who are keen to explore and exploit the latest trends in Cyber Security Technologies. The B.Tech programme in Cyber Security aims to bridge the skill gap between the manpower needs and available talent pool by developing trained professionals for this fast growing area.


The Bachelors in Business Administration degree is a three-year undergraduate programme that has been designed for students to build a theoretical foundation and acquire new age skills in business analytics, digital marketing and finance, banking and insurance technology and managing family run businesses. This programme aims to develop entrepreneurial skills in students with NU’s specialization in industry relevant skills and knowledge.

Conceptualized as an institution of excellence, NU provides exceptional education based on the Four Core Principles that make learning Industry-linked, Technology-based, Research-driven and Seamless. NU is well poised for meeting the emerging needs of the knowledge economy through its focus on building strong industry linkages and a research-oriented approach


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