Global challenges require global leaders

By Dr. KJS Anand
The life of 21st Century leaders is more formidable than ever. Authentic leadership requires acquiring relevant knowledge as well as having the experience of applying that knowledge in the practical world. Becoming an expertise in the field of leadership creates the opportunity to actually lead. According to the survey conducted by the senior executives, 76% believe that their organizations need to develop global-leadership capabilities, but only 7% at present are working effectively. 30% of US companies admit that they have completely failed to exploit their international business opportunities.

Challenges that the global leaders need to succeed
Leadership in 21st century is not an easy task. The shell life of a modernistic leader is not so easy because their life is so challenging and they are known as the pillars of their organizations, they need to inspire a variegated group of people and have to work as per their organizations limitations Thus a leader needs to be Extraordinary and dynamic for achieving these characteristics one needs to be a strong communicator. Apart from being a strong communicator, a leader or more importantly a global leader should have Strategic Perspective, Customer Focus and Understanding, Ability to Spot Trends and Connect the Dots, Engage and Commit Teams, Willingness to Take Risks, have a Deep Knowledge and Expertise in his/her field.

Now days, with rising importance on emerging markets, in order to adapt to local cultures and market needs, companies must be decentralized and collaborative in their decision making. It requires developing of leaders who capable of working anywhere. One of the striking features of global leaders is their hard work and their multidimensional work. Basically the global leaders should be capable of handling customer service, give information to its workers and boost technology and finance of the organization. Not only a leader is the head of its team but also the planner, organizer, coach, trainer, problem solver and decision maker of the team.

Multinational companies particularly located in Japan, India, China and America still rests the vital decisions in the hands of a small group of trusted leaders from their home country and eventhough they hire technical specialists, local experts, from another country, they are not put into decision making panel thus hampering the growth of global leaders.

Qualities that a Global leader must posses
When we talk about the qualities, we focus on the skills of a leader to maintain the efficiency in which he/she handles the way employees complete their work, ability of managing performances, providing encouraging feedback in order to boost the efficiency of workers and being able to co-ordinate with different activities of the organization. They need to have good communication skills to interact with the shareholders and partners as well as techno savvy. Ability of negotiation is must for the global leader. A sharp vision of planning and developed economy is the positive weapon of a global leader.

Contingencies in today’s context are more because large interactions are happening with growing economies, which have more variables than in any fully developed economy.

Leaders who are well versed in facing the challenges of a growing economy are more acceptable in comparison to others. Also, able leaders should have the vision of a developed economy alongside capability of planning, dealing with contingencies and developing plans for 5-6 continents simultaneously. The individuals should be multilingual and exposed to multi-cultural activities across the world. Leaders should also be technology driven and have the ability to adopt latest technology in no time. Multi-geographic functioning, millennial workfolio’s psychographic understanding and hard negotiators with both the shareholders & partners are other important qualities leaders should have inbuilt in their personalities.

New Edge up is persistent for mandatory globing leader
Top Leadership binds the diversity of the organization. Global leaders must be effective in making the employees understand the organization’s mission and values, empowering people to lead by example and collaborating as a friend philosopher and guide rather than a strict teacher. Rather than concentrating on the top leaders of the same country of the organization, global companies need to develop more and more leaders who are comfortable in operating with a variety and diversity of work cultures. It is important to develop global leaders with cultural sensitivities and collaborative skills, which requires greater focus on emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and empowerment than on traditional management skills.

International exposure
As the world rapidly moving towards globalization, there is necessitate need for true global leaders in organizations, business, and government. Global leaders are those who can easily understand the Seriousness of educative Suggestion.
Global Leaders require global exposure, so they can understand cultural differences, incorporate the diverse learning in their work lives and build networks of global relationships. Corporations want leaders who are fitting in all cultures; they want those who are multilingual and understand the importance of doing business outside their home environment.

Global organizations prefer candidates who have foreign exposure because these experiences will provide broader knowledge about seeking global opportunities throughout one’s life. Thus, institutes should provide global exposure to their students which will help them in becoming global citizen thereby enhancing their knowledge to become efficient global leader.
The author is Executive Director IMS NOIDA, one of the leading Management Institutes in the country. He can be reached at [email protected]