Global Green Earth Forum schools hospitality and tourism biz in Goa and Mumbai on eco-friendly business practices


PANAJI: The Global Green Earth Forum (GGEF) has organised a seminar followed by comprehensive training sessions for managers and senior staff of the hospitality and tourism industry in Goa and Mumbai on eco-friendly business practices.

The seminar and training sessions are part of the Go Green campaign undertaken by the GGEF in parts of the country. Goa is of a particular focus state as there is a lot of tourism-related activity in the coastal state, which gets millions of tourists, both domestic and international.

According to a spokesperson, “the GGEF aims to make Goan hotels, restaurants and other tourism-related hospitality attractions like clubs, pubs, restobars, hotels, guest-houses, beach shacks, etc., eco and earth friendly. There is a lot of waste of precious potable water. Many parts of Goa have water shortages during summer. All the concerned businesses must use recycled paper bags and such items, in fact all products (wherever possible) must be of recycled material or eco-friendly material.”

Most restaurants and shacks in Goa do not treat their sewage, which flows into the nearby open space. It’s an eyesore, when one goes over to the backside or behind a restaurant or shack and sees untreated sewage and waste flowing into the open space or into a soak pit dug into the ground.

The Global Green Earth Forum is offering hands-on training programs and sessions for restaurant and hotel owners on cost-effective sewage treatment methods that even a small establishment can set up on their own, without major financial burden.

Then there is a Green Certification and Green Audit to help hospitality and tourism-related businesses cross check their best practices and sync them with worldwide eco-friendly techniques and methodologies.

For industry professionals, who wish to master the subject, the GGEF is offering a six-month, part-time comprehensive training program on Green Business Practices as well as other certificate courses.



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