Goa to host India’s first Ever Web 3.0 Conference

Mumbai : The Atal Incubation Centre at Goa Institute of Management (AIC-GIM Foundation) and GirlScript, a non-profit organization have collaborated to bring India’s first ever chain – agnostic web 3.0 conference to the sunny shores of Goa. The technologies of the future including blockchain, global policies on NFTs and cryptocurrency, the foray into the metaverse, growth-hacking and more will be discussed and deliberated upon during the three – day conference between 12 – 14 August.

Tech enthusiasts, founders and innovators from across the globe including US, Italy, Spain and Indonesia will converge in Goa. Web3Conf India has received confirmation from over 100+ hackathon teams, 70+ speakers and 600+ attendees. The power packed sessions will include knowledge sessions, networking meetups and a career fair for job aspirants in the web 3.0 ecosystem.

The popular state of Goa with the country’s highest per-capita GDP as per the Economic Survey of Delhi 2021-22 has witnessed an influx of professionals and entrepreneurs who have set up base in the state because of a robust startup system which exists making it an an attractive hub for incubating the next generation of successful web3 startups. According to a recent NASSCOM report blockchain and other web3.0 related fields are forecasted to create over 800,000 jobs by 2030.

Global innovators in web 3.0 such as US based Vitto Rivabella, Teguh K. Harmanda from Indonesia and Italy based Francesco Ciulla will be speaking at the event In Goa among others.

Rajesh Joshi, CEO AIC-GIM Foundation said “Indian talent is one of the driving forces behind the success of many global tech giants. The country had lost out on retaining talent during the Web 1 and Web 2.0 era.  UAE launched a National Coders Program recently, which provides visas to coders in a bit to bolster talent. The UAE has continued to ensure that they develop and retain talent forecasting the possibilities that come with coding. India needs to do the same. This 

Web3Conf India is an opportunity to ignite a spark among Indian innovators and developers to stay and build in their home country. We at AICGIM take pride in being a part of this event which can be a catalyst for Indian talent to #BuildInIndia for Web3.0.”

Anubha Mane, Founder of GirlScript Foundation, added “Many are under the impression that Web3.0 is only about NFTs and Crypto but it goes much beyond. There is a vast opportunity and potential in web 3.0 which is still being explored. This conference is an attempt to offer a glimpse into the future to India’s tech and coding talent to explore the world of web 3.0 and deepen their knowledge on the subject.  This conference will also aid them getting knowledge on grants, jobs, internships and more. India has never seen a chain – agnostic even of this scale before.”

Earlier this year, AIC-GIM Foundation partnered with WazirX, the country’s largest crypto exchange, and web 3.0 incubator ‘Builders Tribe’ to launch a Blockchain Accelerator Program for Indian blockchain developers.

Link to the Website: https://web3confindia.xyz/#home