IKS Mela 2022 with the theme of Inclusive excellence concluded. Technology demonstration initiative launched.

New Delhi: IKS Mela 2022 was organized by the Indian Knowledge Systems Division of the Ministry of Education and AICTE in collaboration with CCRT, Ministry of Culture, from 29th to 31st July, 2022. A three-day cultural gala under the Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) was also launched by the Union home minister on the second anniversary of the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020. As a part of which, three announcements were made i.eEstablishment of the IKS-MIC program for technology demonstration, ‘Kalashala initiative’, and promotion of 75 “Bharatiya games” in schools.


“Bharatiya games” include AtyaPatya, Kho-Kho, “langdi” (hopscotch), javelin throw, “patanguddayan” (kite-flying), “seetauddhar” (prisoner’s base), “mardanikhel” (a form of martial arts) and “vishamrit”. “Santhalkatti”, a version of “gillidanda”.


Major activities held on the 1st day of #IKSMela2022: Online Inauguration of Exhibition – Poster exhibition on 64 Kalas, Indian Calendar systems, Ayurveda, Metallurgical traditions.


Day 2 was followed by Planery sessions, Round Table discussions and a Cultural Event by CCRT and two IKS Centers – IKS Center for Kalari and Siddha Traditions and Nupur Bhramari IKS Center.


Bharatiya Kala Parampara has the unique ability to inspire one towards the seeking of knowledge and devotion while engaging the senses and evoking the most human emotions inherently present.


Dr. Subhash Sarkar, Minister of State for Education, said, “The 3-Day long mela embraced several important themes like ‘Inclusive excellence, nexus of BharatiyaVikas and building the Indian identity while fostering the connect overseas. This IKS Mela has played the role of a Manthan and churned out the nector of BharatiyaJnaanParamparafor a prosperous Bharat & the world in The Spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.”


Prof. Ganti S Murthy, the National Coordinator of IKS Division of MoE@AICTE, said, “IKS recognises the true spirit of BharatiyaGnanaParampara and highlights the importance of amalgamating Samskaar, Samskriti and Sanskrit to be the driving philosophy of all endeavors to progress on this path.The focal theme of this gala was that of ‘Inclusive Excellence’, drawing from the principle of ‘Abhudaya’ and ‘Antodaya’ for all. Highlighting the game-changing impact of NEP 2020.

Dr. AnuradhaChoudhary, Coordinator of IKS Division & Incharge of IKS Mela and Dr. Madhukeshwar Bhat, Coordinator of IKS division, highlighted all the sessions and delivered vote of thanks in valedictory function.


Prof MP Poonia, Vice Chairman, AICTE, said, “The objective is to establish sports more inclusive at the school level while promoting physical education and to envisage educating children the various art forms of India & help them discover the country’s rich cultural heritage. They will get to learn about various art forms through the lectures from the masters. Indian games will enable the students to connect with the roots and culture of Indian tradition and help them build creativity and strength while competing with the modern days challenges. These games can help build the sense of togetherness and teamwork. It can shape the overall cognitive learning of students.”


The first panel of elite speakers was chaired by Dr. ChintanVaishnav (Atal Innovation Mission – NITI Ayog GOI), Shri. Chamu Krishna Shastry Ji (Chairman – BharatiyaBhashaSamiti) and Dr. Abhay Jere (Chief Innovation Officer, MIC – AICTE). The panel discussed how the confluence of BharatiyaBhasha, Bharatiya Drishti & Innovation was imperative to achieve the goals set out in the NEP. Dr. Chintan Ji highlighted the efforts being undertaken under the VIP – Vernacular Innovation Program launched in December.