Government Urges For Low Key Celebration Of Festivals

The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is just over and there are many more festivals approaching the country. Keeping this in view, the Central government recently said that to avoid another way of Covid, it is important to engage only in low-key celebrations of the upcoming festivals. ICMR also supports the statement as many experts are predicting a third wave of COVID in the month of October and November after the festive seasons are over. In addition to that, ICMR has also asked the citizens not to engage in revenge travel but in responsible travel.

Vaccination Pace Is Improving 

Rajesh Bhusan, Union Health Secretary has positively commented that there has been a rapid increase both in the vaccination pace and coverage. In fact, the average per dose administered to the citizens increased to 78 lakhs in September from 20 lakhs in May. The Centre is developing a COVID vaccine tracker which will be soon available on the website of the Health Ministry to provide the citizens with weekly updates of doses. 

Restrictions Are Already Been Imposed

With the festive season coming, many people are enquiring about Gold Rate to purchase ornaments flooding the market and in addition to that, religious places are being visited in a massive number. Considering this, previously Maharashtra government issued guidelines for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi which prevented people from visiting pandals to celebrate it. The state government further added that telecast and online darshan of the pandals would be made available for the citizens and one needs to practice strict social distancing when inside the pandal. 


Further, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority also issued guidelines during the Ganesh Chaturthi that the celebration will not be allowed to be celebrated in public places. Many people use such festivals to check their Horoscope and as an offering for good luck builds a pandal or tent. However, this year in Delhi, doing so was not possible due to strict surveillance by deputy commissioners of police and district magistrates. 

How To Celebrate Festivals Safely?

Amidst all the restrictions and fear of COVID-19, one might wonder how to celebrate the upcoming festivals safely. Even though the restrictions might look strict, one needs to be happy that they have the freedom to celebrate such festivals in their home. However, even when celebrating the festivals inside the home, it is important to be careful and further, practice social distancing. It is important to realize that not maintaining social distance and brushing off masks can have serious consequences which will not impact only one single individual but the entire circle. It, therefore, is particularly important to scale down such celebrations and avoid crowded places. 


If you are looking forward to celebrating the upcoming festivals right at your home, you should go for a small celebration. The rooms should be properly ventilated. One can either carry out the celebration on a balcony or terrace as it supports natural ventilation and reduces the transfer of infection. The gathering should be kept small and the duration of the celebration should be kept short. Even though the celebration will invite only the loved ones, it is important to ensure that everyone is wearing a mask and in addition to that, social distancing should be encouraged too. The host can always walk a step ahead and provide the guests with masks, sanitisers, tissues and take other precautionary measures. 


However, if you are planning to step out to celebrate the festival due to pandemic fatigue, it is important that you avoid crowded places at all costs. All the festivals should be celebrated by following all the precautions properly. Only the festivals which are organized in open spaces should be visited while ensuring social distancing. No matter whether you are stepping out of the house to celebrate a festival or simply for grocery shopping, going out without a mask is a big no. Further, it is important to ensure that you frequently sanitize your hands for at least 20 seconds. In a crowded place, avoid face to face contact to minimize the risk of getting infected. After coming home, it is recommended to take a hot water bath and wash the clothes properly. If after a celebration, you notice the beginning of some symptoms, you should consult a doctor right away and maintain distance from other members of the family. 


Even though these tips will reduce the chances of getting infected by the COVID virus, they will not totally eliminate the risk. It is still a good idea to stay inside the house and do a small celebration with your family members only.