Governor asks Directors of IIT Mandi and IIM Sirmaur to give their valuable suggestions for an exit

Shimla: Governor Bandaru Dattatraya today have telephonic conversation with the heads of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Sirmaur, to give their valuable suggestions for an exit policy for the revival of State’s economy and to support the vulnerable sections. He also requested them to send a concept note related to health, education, tourism etc. by 17th May, 2020 so that the State could get it’s benefit.

The Governor during his conversation with Director, IIT Mandi Timothy A. Gonsalves and Director, IIM, Sirmaur, Dr. Neelu Mitra said things would change post COVID-19 and changes could already be seen in the functioning of businesses, institutions and governments, which was a paradigm shift. He said that the economy was badly hit by this crisis and millions have lost their livelihoods. In order to sustain people it was important to revive economic activities, keeping the safety and health of the people into consideration.

He said that both these renowned institutions could play a leading role in suggesting way forward to revive economic activities. Health, Education, Tourism, Industry, Handicrafts, etc, every sector needs to re-invent itself in post COVID world, he added. He said that technology was going to play a big role in this and also, we need new tools to manage resources.

The Governor asked them to send a concept note to keep local Himachal perspective in view and should be Himachal specific. He urged them to prepare the concept note may focusing on Health care in Post COVID World, Telemedicine and Technology, Online Education, Specialized Education, Tourism, online Tourism, Use of Social Media, digital Media Platform, Reducing Public Interface and Sensitizing Institutions.