Govt to implement lockdown strictly in state to break the chain of infection: Police Commissioner, Cyberabad, Govt of Telangana

Hyderabad: Mr VC Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, Government of Telangana yesterday said that the government has decided to implement the lockdown strictly as people are not taking lockdown seriously and many people are on roads without valid pass or reason. He further stated that industries should arrange for movement of workers between 6-9 AM and leave the factory between 8-10 PM so that there will not be any congestion on road. Mr Sajjanar also assured that the industries will be allowed to operate.

Addressing the virtual interactive session on lockdown 2.0 guidelines, organized by FICCI, jointly with FTCCI, Mr Sajjanar urged the industry to be cautious for next ten days and call only those employees who are needed. He also informed that the transport vehicles should travel between designated points only and not deviate the route specified. He also clarified on the queries regarding the movement of goods and workforce during the lockdown period and assured the industry to resolve the challenges faced by them.

Mr Krishna Yedula, Secretary General, Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) stated that the Council is working for the safety and security of women employees initially working in IT sector but now expanding the scope to cover women working in other industrial sectors also. He mentioned the four horizontals started by SCSC – Security Surveillance of Companies Corridors, Margadarshaks and Sangamithras initiative, Traffic Volunteers and Cyber Security initiatives.

Mr Ramakanth Inani, President, FTCCI said that it is not easy decision to impose lockdown in the State as government and all sections of people understand the loss that occurs to everyone and the hardships faced by the common people. But imposing lockdown has become inevitable with increasing cases of COVID-19 and it is important to break the chain of infection.

Mr T Muralidharan, Chairman, FICCI Telangana State Council stated that the state government is faring better than other states in terms of ease of doing business. He assured of all industry cooperation to the government.