Ramanujan Maths Scholarship Witnesses Over 30,000 Student Registration from Across India

Bengaluru : Ramanujan Maths Scholarship, organised by math-learning app, Countingwell concluded with a massive response from over 30,000 students registering for the pan-India competition. The scholarship test witnessed an overwhelming response from 260 schools across India’s 33 states and Union Territories.

Countingwell, last month had opened registration for the Ramanujan Maths Scholarship test for high school students. Nine students won the cash prize. Interestingly, six of the winners came from tier 2 cities like Mangaluru, Lucknow, Madurai, Varanasi and Thane. The scholarship witnessed maximum participation from Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. All nine students won a sum of Rs 10,000 each and also a one-year subscription to Countingwell Premium.

Ravi Jitani, co-founder of Countingwell says, “We congratulate all the winners and participants of Ramanujan Maths Scholarship. It was heartening to see students from all cities and towns pouring in to participate with great enthusiasm. We do hope that the scholarship helps and motivates them and other children to take up and learn maths in a more fun and engaging way.”

More than 1000 students were rewarded with financial aid worth ₹25 lakh, as earlier promised by Countingwell. Apart from the 9 winners, 1000 students have also received discounts on subscription to Countingwell Premium. The detailed lists of all the students are available on: https://countingwell.com/scholarship.html#winner. Apart from the vast student turnout, Countingwell also noted that students spent 14,79,000 minutes learning on the app in preparation for the scholarship test over the last two weeks, reflecting the love and excitement students have for maths. This Scholarship test and the turnout, also endorses Countingwell’s philosophy of encouraging children to learn through engaging competitive events.