Great Lakes Institute of Management’s professor appointed on the Expert committee of Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission

Mumbai: Prof Vidya Mahambare, Professor of Economics and Program Director, PGDM at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai has been appointed on the Expert Committee of the Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission for the preparation of the state’s draft policy on ‘Employability and Skilling for a Transitioning Economy’.

Prof. Vidya Mahambare has an extensive experience in economic research and forecasting and specializes in macroeconomics. She has conceptualized and developed reports on critical economic issues such as growth constraints, labor skill mismatch, employment, and inflation, in addition to assessing and forecasting the impact of shocks on the key economic parameters.

Prof Mahambare has written extensively on employment-related issues during the last few years. Her latest co-authored article It that talks about why India’s New Employment Policy should consider the trends in the employment to population ratio and focus on young adults was published by a leading financial daily. Prof. Mahambare’ s insightful research papers on topics related to economy, strategy, and analytics have also been published by top rated journals and publications.

Name of the faculty Area Topic Journal/ Publication Name Year of publication
Vidya Mahambare, Jalaj Pathak Others (Economics/ Strategy / Accounting/ Analytics/ Artificial Intelligence) Differential Impact of Diversity in Policy Communication Economics Letters 2021
Vidya Mahambare & Sowmya Dhanaraj Others (Economics/ Strategy / Accounting/ Analytics/ Artificial Intelligence) Male Backlash and Female Guilt: Women’s employment, gender identity and partner violence in Urban India Feminist Economics 2020
Sowmya Dhanaraj & Vidya Mahambare Others (Economics/ Strategy / Accounting/ Analytics/ Artificial Intelligence) Family structure, Education and Women’s Employment in Rural India World Development 2019

Prof. Vidya Mahambare has made regular contributions to business journals such as Mint, Business Standard, and Financial Express, as well as articles on India’s monetary policy in the Wall Street Journal Asia. Her academic research has been published in national and international journals such as Oxford Economic Papers, Economics of Transion, Transnational Corporations, Journal of Quantitative Economics, and Indian Economic Review. She has also co-authored a book titled ‘Should Britain leave the EU? An Economic Analysis of a Troubled Relationship’ which was released in 2005.

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