Griffith University: Griffith University kicks goals with latest academic rankings

Griffith University continues to be a world leader in several academic subjects including nursing, hospitality and tourism, and marine and ocean engineering.

Nursing secured second position and Hospitality and Tourism Management was ranked third globally, with both scoring first place in Australia in the prestigious ShanghaiRanking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) 2022.

Griffith’s Law and Criminology subjects also ranked number one in Australia, with Dentistry and Oral Sciences ranking second in the country, and Marine and Ocean Engineering placing third in Australia and 32nd globally.

Professor Ann Bonner
Head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery Professor Ann Bonner said this is the third year in a row in which the school has been ranked second in the world and number one in Australia.

“I am very proud to lead this school in which we have many internationally recognised nurse researchers who undertake research that will improve the healthcare of people,” Professor Bonner said.

“Our research is used in our teaching and also by nurses, medical practitioners and others to give safe and quality healthcare that is based on evidence – evidence which our staff generate.”

Dentistry and oral sciences, law, education, computer science and engineering, water resources, and energy science and engineering rounded out the list of nine Griffith subjects ranked in the Top 100 globally.

In total Griffith had 21 subjects listed in the Top 200 and 38 subjects ranked.

Associate Professor Sacha Reid
Head of Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management Associate Professor Sacha Reid said: “I am proud of the research contributions my colleagues at Griffith University continue to make to our success in rising up the rankings to number three globally in Tourism and Hospitality.”

“As the number one Australian department in this field, it is important to continue to innovate and support industry-led impactful research in recovering after a number of years of tough economic conditions within the tourism and hospitality industry sectors,” Associate Professor Reid said.

“Success in rankings is very important for the department in attracting high quality undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research students.”

Director for the Griffith Institute for Tourism Associate Professor Sarah Gardiner said these rankings are so important because they are based on a range of objective academic indicators and third-party data.

“At the Griffith Institute for Tourism, we have nurtured a culture of delivering high-quality, world-class research that impacts industry and advances knowledge,” Associate Professor Gardiner said.

Associate Professor Sarah Gardiner
“We are leading the way in new tourism models to address climate change, create more sustainable destinations and understand the way in which we manage and measure the impacts of tourism.

“We also help businesses and destinations create new and innovative tourism experiences through our research.

“We are pleased to see our work recognised through this outstanding ranking.”