Griffith University: The Yunus Centre appoints two new Industry Fellows

Griffith University has strengthened its ties with the social innovation sector by appointing two Adjunct Industry Fellows to The Yunus Centre, an initiative of Griffith Business School.

Jimmy Pham
KOTO Vietnam founder Jimmy Pham (AM) and strategist Timothy O’Brien will bring their insights and experience in the impact economy to The Yunus Centre community, collaborating on the delivery of key projects and contributing to the development of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Professor-of-Practice and Co-director of The Yunus Centre Alex Hannant said that since launching his social enterprise hospitality training program for at-risk youth 20 years ago, Jimmy Pham had long been an inspiration for social entrepreneurs around the world.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Jimmy’s calibre and experience work in partnership with us at The Yunus Centre,” Hannant said.

“KOTO was Vietnam’s first legally recognised social enterprise and has changed the lives of thousands of vulnerable children and serving millions of meals.

“The Yunus Centre will work with Jimmy on several projects including the circular economy agenda, particularly food waste and action-research into the impacts of KOTO’s women’s empowerment program HER TURN.

“We’re also excited to announce that he will provide valuable input into undergraduate and postgraduate social entrepreneurship and systems innovation courses.”

“With shared values and global interest, together we can contribute to common mission of empowering everyone to live a life of dignity and opportunity,” Jimmy said of the partnership.

“I am looking forward to working closely with the team.”

Timothy O’Brien
Timothy O’Brien is considered one of Australia’s foremost thinkers on purpose-driven strategy and impact measurement.

He is the founder of three organisations. Rooy, a technology platform to help organisations see the difference they make and grow their impact; Hatched, a strategic agency that designs business for good; and most recently, The Carbon Bank – aggregating the supply side of carbon trading, using regenerative agriculture.

“Timothy will bring Rooy’s know-how and technology to The Yunus Centre’s action-research on Quality Jobs,” Hannant explained.

“He will also contribute to the development of a new postgraduate course on Impact Literacy, planned for 2022.”

“We have so many pressing issues to address, I’m looking forward to working with the fantastic purpose-led individuals at The Yunus Centre to develop new solutions for maximum impact,” Timothy said.

“There is a great alignment between the principles guiding the work at the Centre and the work I do through Hatched, Rooy and The Carbon Bank.

“My passion is working at two levels which are intertwined; building community-led solutions that solve deep systemic problems.

“This partnership will enable us to work together to further a number of big systemic shifts the world needs, working to develop long-term, meaningful employment opportunities with our ‘quality jobs’ initiative, and embedding those impacts in the communities who need it most.

“We have long-since admired the work of Jimmy Pham and Timothy O’Brien. It’s a great honour to welcome them to the Centre in an Adjunct capacity, and to start working with them in a more ambitious and intentional way,” Hannant added.

The Yunus Centre is based at Griffith University’s Logan campus and brings together diverse skillsets from academic and industry for applied research and insights.