Myntra expands kirana network to 25K stores; undertakes 11K hires for last-mile delivery and customer support ahead of the festive season


Bengaluru : Myntra is gearing up for the upcoming festive period and particularly its ‘Big Fashion Festival’, which ushers in the festive fashion shopping season in the country, by scaling up recruitment of its on-ground staff to equip itself for macroscale deliveries in its biggest-ever SCM festive hiring drive yet. With its robust supply chain, consisting largely of MENSA (Myntra Extended Network for Service Augmentation) partners, who are typically kirana store owners in the neighbourhood, and its own Distribution Centers, Myntra is poised to deliver products and joyous experiences to millions of shoppers, while creating seasonal job opportunities, across the country.

Of the total last-mile recruitments, about 7500 are for its kirana network and ~1k would be undertaken at Myntra’s Delivery Centers (DC), distributed across the country. The roles that are being closed include the positions of DC Assistant, DC Support Staff and Delivery Staff. A majority of the hiring, including for diversity, is being undertaken at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune and Lucknow. In addition, ~2700 people are being hired, boosting the Contact Center capability to manage and help with customer queries during the festive season.

For this festive season, over 70% deliveries are expected to be fulfilled by these specially trained Kirana partners. Myntra is set to expand its kirana store network by ~30% from the previous festive edition, taking the total Kirana store count to over 25,000.

Myntra is focusing on enhancing staffing to deliver a delightful festive shopping experience for customers, while also maintaining optimum delivery volume for the on-ground staff. These seasonal flagship events are looked forward to by the delivery personnel and associated staff for employment as well as a means to augment their income. During the recent EORS in July, the Kirana partners and delivery personnel were able to augment their income by about 200% on average. In addition, this year, during the peak delivery period, Myntra is also incentivizing its frontline force with multiple perks, including attendance bonus, over and above the regular salaries.

Speaking on recruitments of on-ground personnel ahead of the festive season, Amar Nagaram, CEO, Myntra said, “This has been the largest hiring drive ever at Myntra, for on-ground and customer support during any festive season, as we anticipate a strong demand across pin codes, with people eagerly looking forward to shopping on Myntra for their festive needs. The majority of the recruitments are being undertaken to enhance capabilities for last mile delivery and therefore Kirana store partners make up for the bulk of hiring, taking the total number of store partners to 25,000, which is about 30% higher than last year, to cater to about 70% of the deliveries. The on-ground staff will play a pivotal role in offering optimal delivery to customers during this festive season.”