GSITI imparts online training to budding Geologists due to lockdown

Hyderabad: Geological Survey of India Training Institute (GSITI) is presently working towards developing its 24×7 online training programme under Mission-V (Training and Capacity Building) through electronic platform. In regard to the above, GSITI had recently organised its 1st e-lecture for the trainee officers of the 44th OCG (Orientation Course for Geologists) AND 4th OCAG (Orientation Course for Assistant Geologists) during the lockdown period.

The e-lecture was connected through the web conferencing system wherein 93 trainee officers got themselves connected through their respective sites. Of them 26 trainee officers of 44th OCG got connected from Bhimtal of Uttarakhand, 33 trainee officers of the 4th OCAG- Batch 1 got connected from Hyderabad and 34 trainee officers of OCAG- Batch 2 got connected from Chitradurga in Karnataka.

The e-Lecture was delivered by the Guest Faculty Dr. Anil Thanvi, Lecturer in Physics, Govt. Senior Secondary School, Sherera District, Bikaner, Rajasthan from his site connected through web conferencing system. Dr. Thanvi is a researcher in the field of Physics and delivered lecture entitled Super Continent: A new and complete different thinking. In his lecture he briefed about Common Geometrical Nature of Celestial Objects in Universe, Geometrical Structure and differential rotation in the Sun, Stars and Gas Giant planets, division of matters in celestial objects and in universe, the oscillating universe and birth and end of celestial objects, effects of a very common geometry and origin of life and also discuss about his view for continental drifting and super continent theory.

The e-lecture has continued for one and half hour. The participant trainee officers have expressed their happiness and satisfaction towards conducting this e-lecture for the benefit of the trainee officers during this lockdown period and also applaud the efforts of the faculty. They have further expressed that e-lectures conducted from GSITI will be a game changer in the field of Geoscience.