Imarticus Learning continues to up-skill the Indian workforce by adding yet another free program on Advanced Excel amidst COVID-19


NSDC partner and India’s leading professional education firm, Imarticus Learning, launched a set of free courses covering data analytics, finance and technology. The course that went live from the 30th of March saw quite a good response from ardent learners across the globe. This success has pushed the firm to launch yet another free certification course in advanced excel, starting on the 13th of April. The online course covers all that one needs to learn for the effective usage of Microsoft Excel.

The course caters not just to students, but also to working professionals. From the simplest concepts like keyboard shortcuts to a live masterclass case study on Microsoft Excel, the course cuts through it all, thus giving thorough knowledge to participants.

As the global pandemic only keeps getting more serious with each passing day, people are looking for options to keep themselves engaged whilst staying at home. Trends show that employees working from home look forward to investing a certain amount of their time into something beneficial. People don’t just want to pass time, but instead are looking at ways to invest time into learning new things, thus spending it productively. The firm, which strives to promote upskilling aims to equip participants with skills that help them keep up with the fast-paced industry..