Hanging Schools Bags and School Children in Auto-Rickshaws

Udaipur: It is a common sight every morning and afternoon too. Rushing auto-rickshaws on roads, somehow carrying school children and their hefty bags, not adhering to the rules of either traffic or the guidelines for carrying maximum children in an auto – all seems to be disregarded.

It is quite surprising how these auto-rickshaws adjust 12-15 children in one auto which generally has a capacity of not more than 5-6 children. The answers are in these pictures only. I can say these pictures speak 1000 words.

At least 3-4 children are seated next to the auto-driver – how he is still able to drive is a miracle. Bags hanging outside the autos are quite dangerous and risky. It is risky for any commuter and also passing vehicles.

The way children are seated is quite astonishing. Check the feet of the boy, who is smiling, and check what he is holding for his safety. One sudden brake or one sharp turn and we could be looking for something which we would never want to imagine.

Lives of so many school children traveling by auto-rickshaw has been taken for a ride every morning and afternoon, and we have accepted it as part of our life.

We, who know the consequences of such reckless behaviour of auto-drivers, still send our children with them. May we need to be reminded of accidents that have happened and many children lost lives. May we also need to be reminded that the children who lost lives or got injured had no fault.

Are we looking for our child to revolt to such carelessness on our part? What are we waiting to happen?

Same thing applies on school buses also. Most of the school buses have now started deploying speed-governors that do not allow buses to drive beyond a certain limit. There needs to be discipline of where the bus stops and from where the children need to board the buses. Bus drivers and his assistants have a responsibility to adhere.

We must keep handy the contact numbers of auto-drivers, auto-rickshaws registration number, bus driver’s numbers and also school’s contact number in case of any exigency.

Let us ensure safety of our children during commuting to schools and while returning.

Our Safety is Our Responsibility

Be Safe Zindagi is an initiative by Hindustan Zinc to bring about safety, not just within the premises of the Company but also beyond the boundaries.