The Haryana Vidhan Sabha cleared the way for IILM University Gurugram, by unanimously passing the Haryana Private University Act 2006

Gurugram : The Haryana Vidhan Sabha today approved the setting up of IILM University Gurugram, by unanimously passing the Haryana Private Universities Act 2006.This clears the way for the existing AICTE approved IILM Institute, located on the DLF Golf Course Road, to become a University.

Capitalising on IILM’s 25-year history and experience in responsible higher education, IILM University Gurugram is anchored in the philosophy of liberal education with a focus on technology. The university is benchmarked with the best liberal education centers in the world like Oxford, Brown and University of Pennsylvania and will harbor 4 Schools-Liberal Arts, Management, Technology and Design. The Vision is to be Global, Inclusive and Responsible and the focus will be on Skills, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Technology.
Mr. S.Y. Quraishi, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India and Chancellor Designate of IILM University said “IILMU will be a unique University which will help make Gurugram an educational hub and will collaborate with global academic institutions and companies. Emphasis will be on entrepreneurship and innovation which is the current need.”
Mr. Rajdeep Sahrawat, Member,Board of Governor of IILM, Head of International Business (Public Sector), Tata Consultancy Services said “It is great news for the cause of education in the area of Technology and Innovation. The courses in Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Technology, Design future, 3D Animation, Applied Mathematics are indicative of approach of IILM University to fulfill current needs of students and industry which other institutions have missed out. “

Mr. Raj Nehru, Vice chancellor, Vishwakarma Skill University has welcomed the decision of Haryana Government to set up IILM University. He said “IILM University’s center of excellence on Skills will be great addition to the cause of Skill development in state of Haryana. I hope it will promote both research and training in the field of skill development and will make students job ready and employable”.

Mr. Kamal Singh, Director General, UN- Global Compact commented “Responsible Management is IILM’s core value system. Given the mandate of IILM University, in short time, it will be known Responsible Education and Sustainability. At Global Compact India, we are willing to collaborate with institutions which promotes research and education on Sustainability and Innovation “.

Ambassador Arun K. Singh, Member of IILM Board of Governors, and a former Ambassador of India to USA, France and Israel commented” I am happy to learn that IILM University is going to be a multidisciplinary liberal education university. It will also offer a programme in the area of Public Policy which I feel has huge importance for students, companies and government institutions.”
Dr. Sujata Shahi, Senior Director, IILM Gurgaon commented “IILM has experience of running AICTE recognized Management and Engineering Institutes for last 25 years. IILM has got 5 campuses across Delhi – NCR and Lucknow and Jaipur. This experience of delivering quality professional education will help shaping the new university.
IILM University will open its doors to students from the ensuing academic year in July 2018. Located on the DLF Golf Course Road, Sector 53 Guru Gram, IILMU has an environment friendly world class infrastructure and a safe and secure campus for students and faculty members. Connectivity with Delhi is through the Gurugram rapid metro which is located next to the campus.