Help of donors can be taken in developing Health and Wellness Centres

Bhopal : Minister of State for Ayush Shri Ramkishore Kawre has said that a webinar should be organized soon on the topic ‘Enhancing immunity through Homeopathy and Unani system of medicine’. He said that efforts will be made in the direction to adopt and promote Homeopathy and Unani systems like Ayurveda. Shri Kawre was holding discussions with all the Ayush officers through video conferencing from Mantarlaya on Monday.

Minister of State Shri Kawre said that a guideline has been prepared to develop the Ayush Health and Wellness Center (Health and Wellness Center-HWC). Following the directives given in the guideline, well-organized and equipped centres should be developed. He said that the people of Gram Panchayats should be motivated for the development of the clinics; the local people can voluntarily construct boundary walls etc. in their or their family member’s name or their ancestors’ names.

Shri Kawre instructed to choose a suitable place and make arrangements for yoga. He said that all district officers should send information about local yoga instructor for dispensary area to the Directorate. In herbal garden, nameplates of plants with descriptions should be displayed in the local language. Make people and guests apprised of its characteristics by planting medicinal plants at home too. He said that information of these medicinal plants should also be given in the waiting room through wall-paintings etc. to enable people of rural areas to become familiar with medicinal plants and understand its usefulness too.

The Minister of State Shri Kawre said that in the corona pandemic, the Department of Ayush has created a distinct identity by working with honestly and dedication. People have started adopting Ayurveda after becoming familiar of its benefits. Shri Kawre encouraged the Ayush doctors to boost Panchakarma therapy.

Booklet released

At the outset, the Minister of State Shri Kawre released a booklet containing Ayush guidelines for health promotion prepared by the Department of Ayush. On this occasion, Secretary Dr. M.K. Agrawal was present. This booklet will be made available to ASHA workers. This guide contains effective measures of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani medicines to increase immunity and control diseases through Ayush.

Minister of State Shri Kawre attends webinar

Minister of State Shri Kawre attended a webinar organized by Burhanpur Ayurveda College from his chamber in Mantralya. In the webinar titled ‘Covid-19’s impact on mental health’, Shri Kawre said that due to corona, an individual’s daily routine was full of strain. Discussions were held as regard to measures to become tension free. The conclusions of the discussions will be studied minutely and measures will be assimilated.

Meeting with Divisional Ayush officers

Minister of State Shri Kawre held a meeting with divisional Ayush officers at Mantralaya and reviewed the activities of the department. He said that work should be carried out in a family spirit. Officers should honour their subordinate officers as well as employees for good work and boost their morale. There should be competition for work among the employees. In case of any problem or difficulty, resolve it.

Shri Kawre further asked to conduct tour of districts under their charge. Wherever there is a possibility of necessary improvements, the desired improvement should be carried out. Those working in the field of Ayush should be listed category wise. Also, a list of people with expertise for a particular disease should be prepared, he added.


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