Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Partners with Digital Asia Summit to Make their Students Future-ready

Chennai: The dawn of digitalization has redefined the boundaries of businesses and so it is important for the aspiring marketers and brand managers to equip themselves with the skills of the future which will be driven by technology.


The World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Jobs’ Report indicates that critical thinking, complex problem solving, team building, emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility are the essential skills that employers will be looking for. It is pertinent to understand the paradigm shift in the gears of business and equip oneself with the necessary skills. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the ways companies operate and recruit their workforce to thrive in the future world of work. It is in light of these critical market developments that institutes are now realigning their whole pedagogy.


Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science has always prioritized the future of their students and with a rapidly evolving market, the institute is welcoming new methods of imparting market-ready skills.


“It is becoming increasingly clear that career opportunities are awaiting those who adapt to technological changes and are successful in managing these changes. We want our students to learn and be prepared for the new age business. Our aim is to empower the aspirants with the right tools and techniques to be able to cope with this ever-changing business environment,” said Mr. Ashok Verghese, Director, Hindustan Group of Institutions.


It is fitting thus that the HITS has partnered with Digital Asia Summit to provide an unparallel exposure to its students. This partnership aims to make HITS’ students aware of what to expect once they enter the market and how they can prepare themselves for this dynamic environment.

Digital Asia Summit is going to be an ideal platform for students and young professionals to get a handle on what to expect in these uncertain times. The market in a post-pandemic world will be very different from the pre-pandemic one. The career opportunities will change drastically from here on. Brands and companies have started seeing digital media in a new light and it is quite possible that even after things go back to normal, these new discoveries will lead the way.

“The way things have changed since the pandemic, educational institutions need to offer skills beyond the curriculum to make their students ready for the market. I am happy to see that Hindustan Institute has decided to be a torchbearer in this regard and will set an example for others,” Anuj Agrawal, Community Lead, Digital Asia.


Over 50 high profile industry veterans from 15 countries will be sharing their market insights and forecasts with the attendees over a period of three days.


The event is taking place on Airmeet.com from August 6-8, 2021.


To know more about the event and registration details log on to digitalasiasummit.com.