IIM Amritsar conducts ATAL FDP to promote quality education with equity and integrity


Amritsar: Indian Institute of Management, Amritsar inaugurates a faculty development programme (FDP) for faculty, research scholars and PG scholars on August 9. The week-long FDP will focus on areas like course design and planning, instructional strategies, digital learning, Deep dive into case teaching, art of classroom management, participant-centred learning and other themes to prepare academics for fast-changing educational landscape.

AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) academy will inaugurate all 39 FDPS, including the one being conducted by IIM Amritsar, in a joint virtual ceremony. Prof. Nagarajan Ramamoorthy, Director IIM Amritsar will grace the ceremony as the Chief Guest during the inaugural event.

Talking about this FDP, Dr. Vartika Dutta, Chairperson Executive Education, said, “As educators we need to THRIVE to develop and deliver programs which matches the skills required for the Future of Work.” Project T.H.R.I.V.E at IIM Amritsar stands for creating Transformational, Humanistic, Responsible, Innovative, Value-led Educators. By creating a program just for educators, we want to ensure that the change has to start from our end to lead this mission of imparting education with highest quality, equity, and integrity.”

As this FDP is part of many being conducted under the aegis of AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy, E-Certificates will be issued by ATAL academy to those participants who have attended the program with minimum 80% attendance and scores minimum 60% marks in the test conducted at the end of the online FDP. AICTE believes that there is a need to train the young generation on 21st century skills and also a need to have academic trained in their respective disciplines. These trainings will increase the knowledge and skills of students also to acquire global competencies to increase their employability.

In the face of a rapidly changing business landscape coupled with proliferation in the demand and supply gap, it is of utmost importance for the education system to prepare tomorrow’s educators for coping with such vicissitudes. Also, with the new education policy in place, it becomes imperative to prepare future leaders with a growth-oriented mindset, compassion, and collaborative behaviours. The program would thus focus on building capabilities for tackling such changes to achieve the end goal of imparting quality education with equity and integrity.

With the educators continually grappling with higher student dropout rates, disengaged and fragmented learning, shifting preferences of learners, added to ever-changing industry standards, IIM Amritsar’s project THRIVE will maximize the potential of the educators for making a difference.