Home Away from Home – A Guide to Residential Schools for Parents

The pop culture has painted an entirely different story of residential schools. Not only are the depictions in TV, films and books exaggerated but are too far from reality as well. There is a stark difference in the picture, and the numerous advantages of residential schools are often hidden. The truth is that such schools are an opportunity for scholars to learn essential life skills while having access to quality education.

Yes, a doubt always remains in the minds of the parents while admitting their child into a residential school. However, they are indeed taking the right decision as their children do not just get the right environment to study but to live a well.

What Are the Benefits of Residential Schools?

Residential schools offer a variety of benefits to scholars. The decision to send your child to a residential school is the first step to a big picture decision that will pay off in the long term. From getting personal attention and care by experienced house parents and exposure to a vast number of activities, programs, and challenges – scholars get it all.

Here are reasons why you should enrol your child in a residential school. Take a look!

Self – Reliance

Residential school scholars are exposed to an environment where they quickly learn how to complete daily assignments and everyday chores by themselves. Not only do scholars become expert in managing their time but money and other resources as well. These scholars learn the art of self-reliance from an early age and become successful and independent in life.

Character Development

Those scholars who have spent significant years of their childhood in residential schools are known for their demeanour and well-behaved nature. Thanks to the community they reside in where traits such as hard work, honesty and respect are not just valued but emphasised as well. Most importantly, the environment teaches scholars the significance of tolerance and respect. Furthermore, it also teaches how to work together to achieve goals and live harmoniously with other scholars.

Exposure to Various Cultures

One of the best things about being a part of a residential school is the variety of cultures that scholars come across. Not only do they attend classes with fellow scholars from different cultures but also live with them. Moreover, scholars also learn to respect and appreciate the differences while living amicably. Many of them even learn the basics of another language as a result of constant exposure to the culture.

Fewer Distractions

Just the way parents try to create an environment in the house that has fewer distractions; residential schools do the same. By limiting exposure to video games, TV and smartphones and other distractions, such schools promote an environment that is conducive to learning. Many studies have proved that residential school scholars are better academic performers when compared to others.

Simple and Standardized Living

Each scholar is equal in a residential school – whether they are a child of any famous personality or a regular person. Scholars are made to live in a similar and simple environment, and unlike their home, they are not spoiled for choices. All scholars need to eat the same food, follow a standardised schedule and same rules. Such rules inculcate a sense of equality among all the scholars, and they learn to respect each other.

Quality education is one of the most critical parts of a student’s life. A wrong decision can make or break their future. Therefore, parents must take an informed decision when choosing a school. They must understand that it is more than essential to select a school that not just caters to the learning needs but also instils the necessary behavioural skills. Education institutions like Genesis Global School follow a unique amalgamation of facilities and pedagogy. Such schools leave no stone unturned to give the scholars a home-like environment through well-appointed and air-conditioned rooms, personal attention, care and much more.