Hulladek Recycling and Green Partner come together for e-waste management solutions in Tripura and North East

Agartala: Kolkata based e-waste Management Company Hulladek Recycling and Agartala based Green Partner have announced their collaboration for e-waste management services in Tripura. The partnership aims to provide proper e-waste management solutions in the state and North-East India.

Green Partner and Hulladek Recycling Pvt. Ltd. have launched an initiative to make the country a greener and cleaner place. The companies also urge people to come forward and join hands in their mission to recycle electronic waste.

Green Partner is located at Ganaraj Chowmuhani, Near Sphulinga Club, Agartala, Tripura 799001. It is an e-waste management company that collects and channelizes electronic waste to authorized recyclers. Over the past 1-year, Green Partner has successfully collected over 5000 kgs of electronic waste from households, corporates and government bodies to recyclers for safe disposal. Since, the major challenge faced by any e-waste management company is the ignorance of people at large. To be able to overcome this problem, they conducted over 10 awareness campaigns in schools, colleges and corporates.

Nandan Mall, Chief Executive Officer, Hulladek Recycling said, “We are happy to join hands with Green Partner. We aim to create awareness about the importance of Recycling in the state. Recycling of electronic waste helps reduce wastage of resources, proper disposal of harmful substances and no harm to the environment and human health. This will also help us in making a greener and cleaner place. We also urge people to come forward and join the mission.”

Electronic waste is any old, broken and outdated electronic items that are no longer of use. Electronic waste is a rising concern in our country. With the increased dependency in technology and the consumption of electronics, e-waste management has become imperative. India produces 2 million tones of electronic waste annually. E-waste can be found everywhere – households, offices, banks, hospitals, hotels and educational institutions. As per the E-waste Management Rules 2016, the government took an active step in promoting safe disposal of electronic and electrical waste. Hence, the producers of electronic waste are responsible to ensure that when the electronic item reaches it’s end of life, it must be disposed of in a systematic and eco-friendly manner.