ICASR announces One year of compulsory paid internship for its Graduating students to spawn them industry ready

New Delhi:  The job market is becoming increasingly competitive and corporates are now preferring post graduates since they don’t want to invest time in training graduates. PG students are considered to be more industry ready as compared to fresh graduates. Entry-level employment for graduates has become more difficult to come by, since young candidates lack experience and sector knowledge. According to a study, India graduates 50 lakh students per year, representing a 15% increase year over year. At any particular time, the number of positions available does not correspond to the number of applications. After getting passed out, students find it difficult to apply their theoretical knowledge at workplaces as it is mostly confined to text and its implementation in practical work life is rarely seen. Taking this into account ICASR has crafted a tremendous corporate engagement program for undergraduate students.

In order to create industry ready graduates, International Centre for Advance Studies and Research (ICASR) is doing its bit in providing academic training to its undergraduate students for a period of 2 years accompanied with 1 year of paid internship experience. With a high number of students enrolling in general degree programmes each year, the unemployment rate has surged. ICASR has agreed to move away from an “academic only” approach to a more industry centric one. The lack of a link between the general degree curriculum and the needs of employers necessitated this remodelling of degree programmes, driven by changing industrial and service sector needs.

Course Highlights:

● Guaranteed Placement
● 2 years academic training + 1 year of paid industrial training
● Paid internship during 3rd year UG programme
● Foreign language proficiency
● 5 international upskill corporate certifications for free
● Specially crafted modules as per industry standards
● Corporate oriented soft skills training

“Students are getting overburdened with assignments, lectures, notes and other extracurricular activities, they hardly get any time to consider doing an internship or industrial training. To deal with this difficult situation we have crafted a unique curriculum for undergraduate students, so that they can freshen themselves with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of their domains. We provide them with paid internships and guaranteed placement assistance. Keeping UGC’s guideline of dedicating at least one full semester to internship, we have introduced 1 year of paid compulsory internship for the graduating students. We also impart third language proficiency to foster understanding of different cultures and make students ready for the global market. This will not only make them job ready but also give them a cutting edge over peers” says PM Singh, Director ICASR.