IIM Kozhikode Launches Dedicated Interactive Platform for Innovators and Entrepreneurs to Commemorate World Creativity and Innovation Day

Kozhikode: Today, on the UN World Creativity and Innovation Day (#WCID), the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, announced the launch of an online platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to creatively share their innovations and engage with other interested stakeholders. The blogging platform, called ‘LiveBuzz -Startup Digital Diaries’, is conceived and managed by the institute’s business incubator and entrepreneurship development center called LIVE.

While announcing the launch of the platform, Professor Debashis Chatterjee, Director, IIM Kozhikode said in a press release, “IIM Kozhikode is dedicated to ideas, insights and innovation. In tune with the sentiments of the World Creativity and Innovation Day, this platform is dedicated to inspire people who get to see, through the startup stories, how creativity and innovation can solve global problems.” “The institute has always been working to emerge as a place for global idea owners to engage and bring new knowledge that makes impact on the society and economy. Aligned to our academic values, LiveBuzz, too, is designed to be an open, interactive platform for innovator-entrepreneur to share their ideas and emotions to wider audience without barriers,” he added.

LiveBuzz invites blog posts from innovators and start-up founders that are first-hand accounts of their innovations and experiences. Unlike any traditional online publication, it leverages the social technology and aims to be an interactive platform beyond providing inspiration. The blog posts are authored by founders themselves and are presented in two sections viz., VENTURE BUZZ – stories and events related to start-up journeys targeted at anyone who has interest in the innovations and impact; and FOUNDER BUZZ – personal experiences and events related to founder journeys targeted at anyone who has interest in emotions and experiences.

“In today’s world where technology permits to take ideas places, an innovation can reach far to make significant impact if it is shared on a dedicated yet bigger platform. We found that, on one hand, most online platforms dedicated to entrepreneurship ecosystem are not open and collaborative in the sense that they are bound by editorial barriers and on the other hand, those which are truly social, are not dedicated to the ecosystem or are big enough. We expect LiveBuzz to emerge as a platform of startup diaries that would give voice to several startups and add more vibrancy in the ecosystem,” said Professor Keyoor Purani, Executive Director of LIVE.

Interactive features such as comments, sharing, liking would provide engagement opportunities to the readers in addition to browsing the content. Entrepreneurs can expect to benefit from the comments and feedback apart from possible connections with potential investors and other partners. Apart from leveraging social technology for start-up engagement, LiveBuzz is likely to have another unique multimedia feature called Webtiles. Each blogpost would be enhanced by Webtiles – an embedded, interactive ‘nano website’ that provides image slide-show or a short demo video as readers click the highlighted startup name in the article. This improves the reading experience and effective presentation of the blogpost. Webtile feature of LiveBuzz platform is developed by an emerging startup Kozhikode startup Gettrix Techservices LLP, which also gets launched today through this platform.

The institute and its center, LIVE plan to aggressively use all their network resources to make this platform a popular platform among a wide range of stakeholders including investors, academics, technology experts, policy makers, corporates, startup enthusiasts, students, media and other publics interested in innovation-led entrepreneurship. Start-up founders are likely to benefit the most as they reflect, articulate and share their stories on this platform as much as they learn from fellow-founders’ experiences shared on LiveBuzz. LiveBuzz platform may be accessed at blog.iimklive.org