IIMB alumni raise INR 2 crore; dedicate classroom on campus to faculty member


Bangalore: In a heart-warming gesture to mark the special occasion of ‘Guru Purnima’, IIMB alumni, led by Rahul Shukla, Prashant Jain and Ashish Parthasarthy, dedicated Classroom L-11 on the picturesque IIMB campus to their beloved teacher, Professor Vatsala Nagarajan, here today.

Along with Rahul, Prashant and Ashish, who are now top-ranking officials in the banking and financial services sector, the PGP Class of 1992, the PGP Class of 1991, and many other alumni, have contributed to this initiative.

“This is the first time in the history of IIMB that we have a classroom named after a faculty member,” said IIMB Director Prof. G Raghuram, adding that he hoped this unique alumni-seeded initiative would inspire other alumni to take up similar causes.

Professor Vatsala Nagarajan joined IIM Bangalore on February 1, 1974, in the Finance area. She served as Dean from April 18, 1991 to September 30, 1992, before retiring from the services of the Institute on September 30, 1992.

An outstanding teacher, friend, guide, and mentor to students, staff and faculty, Professor Vatsala (‘Vatsy’ to her students) was always approachable, supportive and positive. Those gathered in Classroom L-11 at IIMB declared that she is indeed an embodiment of the sentiment, ‘Acharya devobhava’.

The 86-year-old professor was accompanied by her husband Shri KS Nagarajan to the function at IIMB today.

“Epitomizing the best traditions of Indian academia, she combines a sharp intellect with modesty, humaneness, and last but not the least, a sense of humour,” said Prof. KRS Murthy, former Director, IIMB.

Several speakers, ranging from her students to her family, shared their thoughts on how Prof. Vatsala Nagarajan influenced them and made them better persons.

Responding to them, Professor Vatsala Nagarajan said, “Parents are proud of their children when they do well. A teacher is always proud when all her students do well. When I think of my students at IIMB, it makes me happy and proud, not just because they are successful in what they choose to do but also because they have good hearts.”

IIMB released a book that captures the memories of her students, colleagues, friends and family to mark the very special occasion.