IIT Delhi Shines at Top Spot in Management Research Ranking

New Delhi: Recent QS World University Rankings by Subject clearly depicts the management research prowess of the Department of Management Studies (DMS) faculty at IIT Delhi. At an astounding rank of #1, in India, for research, DMS is the best in India and in the same quadrant as many top global universities.
Overall, amongst management schools we are #2 in India and having moved up to top 150 institutions from top 200 universities ranked by QS Reports.
This research prowess clearly shows in our MBA student’s capabilities and the marketplace has recognized it ever more this year. Our placements of MBA students are at a recurring 100% and the market has duly rewarded them with robust offers. DMS holds a strong 11 percent share of IIT Delhi’s overall placement figures in the season.
Prof M.P. Gupta, HOD, DMS, said “Our entire team’s concerted efforts over the past 36 months is bearing fruit and the market place is recognizing, valuing and duly rewarding our students. We are at a 100% placements for our current batch and secured a 100% internships for the next batch. I thank our team and the market place for recognizing our true worth. As an Institute of Eminence (IoE) IIT Delhi and DMS will scale new heights in serving our ecosystem in an inclusive fashion.”
QS rankings for research indicates our “Citations per Paper” at 82.5. This puts us in the top slot for “Business & Management Studies” in India, ahead of all IIM and IIT institutions, for “Citations per Paper” in this category.
DMS, IITD is now ranked in the top 101-150 universities offering a “Business & Management Studies” program. A marked improvement over last year, when it was in the #151-200 rank.
With IIT Delhi now designated as an Institute of Eminence (IoE) by MHRD, DMS is actively recruiting international faculty and students. A separate cell has been set up to realise the expectations of IoE. These efforts coupled with our extensive domestic faculty hiring will positively impact another QS ranking component- Faculty/Student ratio.
These efforts, coupled with our upcoming focus on Entrepreneurship will assist in moving the final two parameters of Academic and Employer reputation. As all of these move ahead, our overall rankings should take us well below a global rank of 100 and onwards from there.