Palava Institute launched to help professionals learn 21st century skills


Mumbai: Lodha Group has launched the Palava Institute – an innovative hub of excellence for professional and continuing education. The institute is being developed under the guidance of 9.9 Education, led by Dr. Pramath Sinha who has been instrumental in building leading institutes across India including the Indian School of Business (ISB) and Ashoka University.

Dr. Pramath Sinha, Founder, 9.9 Group and an expert in the field of education said, “The institute comes at a time when there is a dearth of institutes providing quality training in the skills required for professional and personal success in the 21st century. The objective is to catalyze a holistic ecosystem of talent, education and career growth in Palava and beyond. The Palava Institute will become a destination for high-quality educational programs for working professionals. We are combining the expertise of academics, industry leaders and experienced practitioners and bringing that to bear in the classroom. There will be technical, behavioral and holistic skill-building courses on offer, making the Institute a centre of excellence for career and personal growth.”

The programs will range from technical courses in sectors like IT, banking, and media to courses on leadership, personal growth and self-exploration. Inaugural courses which will commence from June 2019 include Data Analytics, Blockchain Technologies, Financial Markets, Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Rules of Engagement – The Ethics Bootcamp, and Strategic Thinking and Creativity. Scheduled courses later this year range from Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Product Design and Growth Hacking to Writing with Intent, Leading from the Middle, and a Women’s Leadership Program.

The Institute’s initial partnerships demonstrate the emphasis on quality and excellence in the dynamic and curated curriculum being offered to a variety of students. Partners include the NSE Academy in Mumbai, the KAMK University from Finland, the University of Denver and Fair Observer.

Mr. Abhishek Lodha, Managing Director and CEO, Lodha Group said, “The Palava Institute is our contribution to making sure that every resident of the Mumbai region can develop their full potential. The era of having a degree and working for 50 years after that is gone – now one needs to continuously augment one’s skills to keep pace with ever changing technology. We believe it is necessary for everyone to spend 3 to 6 months upgrading their skills once every 5 to 10 years – Palava Institute will bring the best brains from across the globe to provide the finest training and skill upgradation to the residents of MMR. We are delighted to be opening this facility at Palava- India’s No. 1 city to live in, a thriving live-work-learn-play community that is a source of high-caliber professional talent. This institute helps us take one more step towards making Palava a city of opportunities and will create a benchmark in learning.”