IIT Delhi’s Deep Technology Incubator Program facilitates Ph.D and Masters students to become entrepreneurs


Application Process begins   

New Delhi: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has invited applications from innovators/startups working in deep technology domains for admission to PHD Incubator Program through its autonomous body Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT).

The Platform for Harnessing Deep technologies (PHD) incubation program intends to support emerging futuristic technologies (few examples are Connected Intelligent Systems, mixed reality, advanced materials, nanorobotics, drugs and vaccines; drug delivery systems) requiring advanced R&D.

With the infrastructure, mentorship and funding support, the PHD incubator program is designed to help techno-entrepreneurs to take the quantum leap towards commercialization.

The program is inclusive and open to qualified people outside of the IIT system as well.

The primary aim of the PHD incubator program is to provide a strong foundation to high-risk innovative projects to achieve and validate the Proof of Concept.

Speaking about the PHD Incubator Program, Prof V Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi, said: “It is time to take the innovation ecosystem in the country to the next level and raise the bar for everyone. If you have a great idea in deep tech space, IITD will take care of the rest. The PHD Incubator Program provides comprehensive support for converting your idea into a startup, including a fellowship and accommodation to the budding entrepreneur as well as funds for the development of proof of concept”.

Dr Anil Wali, MD, FITT, said: “The program is based out of IIT Delhi’s TechnoPark at the Sonipat Campus. TechnoPark is a planned and managed facility with a clear emphasis on research, innovation and product development where IIT Delhi, Industry and Govt. agencies collaborate to create advanced technological solutions.”

Salient features of PHD Incubator Program:

  1. Free incubation space at the Sonipat residential incubator in IIT Delhi’s extension campus.
  2. Free boarding and lodging for the project leader for 2 years.
  3. Funding support up to Rs 50 lakhs to develop PoC towards commercialization of the technology.
  4. Expert technical and business mentoring support from IIT Delhi’s faculty and FIIT’s network of experts and business leaders.
  5. Access to investors and entrepreneurship support programs.


The scheme execution would be designed in a manner to ensure only qualified and genuinely interested professionals can avail the award that offers initial support to the tech entrepreneurs.


  1. Innovators intending to initiate a startup or any startup co. registered in India after April 1, 2016.
  2. Innovators working in deep science and technology domains as evidenced by IPs/ select publications.
  3. Desirable qualification for project leaders: PhD/MD.
  4. Essential Qualifications for project leaders include: M.Tech/ MBBS/ M.Des/ M.Pharma/ M.Phil with undergraduate training in science and/ engineering.
  5. Tech/ M.Sc. graduates with minimum 3 years startup/ R&D experience can also be considered.

Project leaders of the selected startups are required to devote full-time to the projects.

The last date to submit the application is April 30, 2019. Detailed guidelines and application forms are available at IIT Delhi Website (https://fitt-iitd.in/harnessing-deep-technologies/).