IIT Hyderabad launches Tinkerer’s lab for students to develop Do-It-Yourself projects driven by their own ideas


Hyderabad: Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad launched a Tinkerer’s laboratory (TL) for students to develop ‘Do-It-Yourself’(DIY) projects driven by their own ideas. The laboratory comes equipped with a wide variety of scientific instruments and will help students explore their interests beyond the boundaries of curriculum.

Dr. Hemant Kanakia, General Partner, Columbia Capital, U.S., and an IIT Bombay alum (1975 batch) inaugurated the laboratory today (Friday, 1st March 2018) in the presence of a host of dignitaries.

Speaking during the inaugural function, Prof. U.B. Desai, Director, IIT Hyderabad, said “The Tinkerer’s lab will be fully managed and run by student volunteers who have a special knack for designing, developing, prototyping using materials and techniques. It will be a great platform for students to employ concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and hands-on experience for developing innovative solutions. We look forward to many new and interesting projects from this laboratory.”

While laboratory will not be directly focused on incubating startups, it has the potential to become a propeller for the startup ideas

The projects can vary from simple DIY projects in the field of electronics, mechanical, computer science to complex projects. There is as such no shortlisting process and the laboratory is open to all students of the institute, without any kind of filtering. Interested students only need to contact TL team for assistance. This Laboratory will help students to utilize their unstructured time in making innovative projects, which will in turn help the student community of IIT Hyderabad to grow. The TL is located right in the middle of the hostel complex, which makes it convenient for students to access it. Students are very creative in the hostels. TL is the beginning of cross pollination between the hostel environment and the class room.

Prof. Sushmee Badhulika, Associate Professor, IIT Hyderabad, Faculty-in-charge of TL, said “The lab comes equipped with a wide variety of scientific instruments, electronic components, 3D printers, CNCs, workstations etc. Our students can use these resources in their unstructured time to develop Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects driven by their own ideas. Through “tinkering”, they will be able to explore their interests beyond the boundaries of curriculum. This will certainly promote a strong culture of self-learning and entrepreneurship.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Hemant Kanakia, said, “We started as a group from IIT Bombay, Batch ’75, and set up the project of Tinkerer’s Lab four years back, and this year we have extended it to IIT Hyderabad and IIT Gandhinagar. Learn to build things as early as possible to get to the top in your desired field of engineering.” The Tinkerer’s Lab is being funded by Dr.Hemant Kanakia and his other batch mates from 1975 batch.