In the winners of the competition “Forest All-Around – 2021”

Students of the Institute of Forestry, Mining and Construction Sciences of PetrSU Ivan Getmanets, Vyacheslav Sergeev and Elena Kempi represented Petrozavodsk State University at the All-Russian professional and applied competition among students “Forest All-Around – 2021”.
Competitions were held on the basis of the Interregional Competence Center – at the V. S.P. Queen. The overall management of the event was carried out by the Federal Forestry Agency.

Competitions “Forest All-Around” are held with the aim of stimulating the improvement of the quality of theoretical and practical training in educational institutions of higher and secondary vocational education in the specialty “Forestry and forest park economy” and the direction of training “Forestry”.

The competition was attended by 25 teams from all over Russia, representing their universities and technical schools. For university students, the competitions were held in five stages: “Forest Protection”, “Forest Site Assessment and Assignment of Activities”, “Forest Reproduction”, “Forest Fire Extinguishing Simulation” and “Federal State Forestry Supervision”. PetrSU students won a prize at the “Federal State Forestry Supervision” stage.

All-Russian professionally applied competition among students “Forest All-Around – 2021”,