Indian Economy Book for UPSC Civil Services Launched


New Delhi: Simplified Indian Economy for IAS and Bank exams has been launched here on Friday to fill the lacuna of Economics self-study books for Civil services aspirants. Authored by Mr. Anirudh Perneti, the book titled, ‘Simplified Indian Economy for IAS and Bank Exams’ was released in the presence of UPSC 2020 aspirants. Speaking at the launch event, the author said the book is mainly meant to help civil services and state-level public Service exam aspirants.

Simplified Indian Economy for IAS is written in an easily understandable format and helps the aspirants to understand the complex concepts quickly and easily. Mr. Perneti said, “The main idea behind writing the book is to ensure that no student feels worried about the Indian Economy part of UPSC exam,” further adding that the book would emerge as the best book for Indian Economy for every IAS aspirant.

Over the years, the number of Indian Economy related questions in the civil services preliminary exam has seen a rise and the book comes at an appropriate time. Participating at the launch event, Mr. Ramakrishnan said, “If aspirants were to study one book for understanding Economy of India, it will be this specific book. The author dedicated two complete years to research the subject extensively and to bring out a well-written, comprehensive and easy to understand book on Indian Economy.”

With fourteen chapters, the book covers concepts ranging from National Income, Taxation and GST, Poverty, Reserve Bank of India, Budget, Inflation, Foreign Exchange Management, WTO, Public Finance, Capital Market in India, and more. The Budget preparation procedure, the calculation of inflation and recording of Balance of Payments are a few topics that are explained with umpteen examples, so the IAS aspirant understands the topics thoroughly without having to memorize or rote learn. The copies of the book are now live on all popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.