Style your way to success over the weekends with Pearl Academy


Impeccable style begins with the perfect fit. And to get an introduction into the world of personal styling and fashion, a practical and pertinent course delivered over the weekend can teach you a thing or two, and more, about wardrobe editing, colour analysis and personal styling.

If you have a nose for style and an ear for the latest trends, the right Fashion Styling Course from a reputed institute can hone your talent and give you the confidence to be empowered and take your gift to the global level.

It can help to receive knowledge from reputed institutions such as Pearl Academy that teach you the importance of personal styling and practical communication skills that play a critical role in being modern, stylish and beautiful always. By embracing new trends and experimenting with a variety of colours and fabrics, you will develop an inkling for all things creative in your quest to build and reach a level of your personal style.

Just like in the world of fashion and media, the importance of communication skills is relevant in every field, from the world of real estate to IT and engineering and more, and also in personal styling.

If you have been in love with clothes and overall fashion for as long as you can remember, the course will teach you on how to experiment with new seasonal trends and play with a variety of colours and sculpted silhouettes. As a personal stylist you will be able to:

  • Know the various types of clothing and apparel that fits exact body shapes and sizes
  • Dress fashionably and appropriately for specific age groups
  • Understand what occasion calls for which attire
  • How to blend your wardrobe seamlessly
  • Build self-confidence in a variety of settings, both business and social gatherings
  • Utilise your budget and still look like a million bucks
  • What you must buy and from where

This practical course will teach you an assortment of topics and important fundamentals of fashion media and the different types of styling. The easy modules will help you understand why styling matters and how you can use the knowledge to your benefit and further it as a rewarding career. Through the 11-month course you would have become:

  • Confident in knowing the type of clothing matching different body shapes
  • Match the right attire with the current trends according to one’s taste and colour
  • Perfect understanding of blending budget with the latest clothing
  • Cutting-edge techniques of exploring trending ideas and looks on yourself and clients
  • Obtain relevant tips and guidance from accomplished personal stylists in the industry
  • Receive and work on constructive feedback and criticism on your assignments from mentors
  • Receive invaluable insight into the growing trade and ways to become a rewarding stylist

If you are looking to work in the fashion industry or merely looking to enhance your talent and understand the world of fashion, the personal fashion styling course is meant for you. You can go on to develop your own fashion brand or learn how to enhance your sense of personal style.