Industree Foundation invited Thought Leaders across sectors for the “Good Fashion & Lifestyle event”

Industree Foundation hosted the latest edition of their Good Fashion & Lifestyle (GFL) event.  GFLs are held to bring together people with influence in the fashion and lifestyle sectors to discuss the immense potential that these sectors have to contribute towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is a forum to learn, share, and collaborate as participants and co-create solutions for a sector that significantly impacts millions of women producers’ lives.


It bought together the thought leaders, brands, women leaders, NGOs, solution providers, and philanthropists to strengthen millions of producers, the majority being women. Industree showcased Home & Lifestyle products made from the goodness of Banana, Bamboo, and Sal & Siali leaves that are handcrafted by the women producers, working in enterprises under the POWER (Producer Owned Women Enterprises) project. While everyone is striving toward integrating sustainability and conscious living and eventually eliminating the carbon footprint, this year, the prime focus of  GFL was to bring the positive paradigm shift to People, Planet and Prosperity.


Since its inception, with the collective effort of Industree’s members coupled with the Foundation’s approach, the POWER project has tripled the incomes of women producers in the field of creative design by emphasising honing their skills and integrating sustainability into it. Therefore, Industree constantly seeks support from the industry influencers to collectively champion women’s empowerment, sustainability, social impact, and economic growth.


Susan Bhatkul, Head of Natural Fiber Value Chains at Industree Foundation said, “Through GFL, we showcase elegant handcrafted products made by our women producers, co-created by Industree and Buyer teams, from eco-friendly raw materials such as banana fibre, bamboo culms, Sal & Siali leaves. The GFL is significant in not just facilitating ‘Sustainability’ at scale, but also in supporting a better future”.