Industrial practice of future teachers in a pandemic

The final conference ended the teaching practice of 4th year students of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.
The pedagogical practice of students enrolled in the direction of “Pedagogical education (with two profiles)”, in the spring, due to quarantine measures, was carried out at the department in a distance format. In this regard, the students received the assignment to schools for practical training in November-December with enthusiasm and gratitude.

Students enrolled in the profiles “Primary education and mother tongue (Karelian)” were trained in the Finno-Ugric school named after Elias Lennrot; on the profiles “Primary education and foreign (English) language” – at the University Lyceum and Lyceum No. 1 in Petrozavodsk.

During the period of practical training in the elementary grades, students conducted trial and credit lessons in the Russian language, literary reading, mathematics, the world around them, Karelian / English, as well as other subjects during the days of independent work, assisted teachers in organizing educational work and extracurricular activities for younger students schoolchildren. Many students have had the opportunity to deliver lessons both in the classroom and through zoom conferences.

The conference was attended by teachers from all schools where the practice took place; they thanked the students for their responsibility and initiative, good contact with students and theoretical training at a sufficiently high level.

Summing up the results of the practice, Valentina Smirnova, a student of PetrSU, laureate of the 2020 Government Scholarship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, shared her impressions:

I am infinitely happy that I found myself in practice at Lyceum No. 1, with a wonderful primary school teacher Olga Nikolaevna Medvedeva. I learned a lot, managed to test some of the new methods of working with students already known to me, enlarged my methodological treasury and confirmed my decision to work at the school.

At the final event, students thanked the teachers for their attentiveness, responsiveness and professionalism, as well as the teachers of the department for methodological support.

Svetlana Iosifovna Smirnova, Head of the Department of Theory and Methods of Primary Education, organizer of practice, leading the final conference, reported good results and voiced the words of gratitude to the Deputy Director of the University Lyceum Valentina Gennadievna Skabina for the fact that the students not only coped well with all the tasks of practice, but also helped the school in a difficult situation of illness of teachers of several classes.

Tatiana Sergeevna Marchenko, Svetlana Grigorievna Rubakhina and Associate Professor of the English Language Department Tatiana Igorevna Paltseva also spoke about the results of the practice at the conference.

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