Industry leaders recount their success stories at Jindal Global University’s ‘Leadership Summit 2K19’


Sonipat: O.P Jindal Global University (JGU) recently hosted the Leadership Summit 2k19 with leaders from the business world and entrepreneurs talking about their journeys and struggles from being a nonentity to rising in the corporate world through sheer talent and hard work.

The summit aptly titled ‘Safar: The journey to success’ provided a platform that helped enrich and inspire the audience with stories of victories and triumph. Entrepreneurs shared their stories of endless efforts and firm dedication towards their work and optimistic approach that helped them succeed made them achieve heights that most people dream about.

In his welcome address JGU Founding Vice Chancellor Prof (Dr) C. Rajkumar described success not as a destination but a journey that one must venture on to fulfil their dreams. Addressing the students present, he said “The journey of success is not going to come without huge sacrifices. The students who aspire to do well in their future, remember that you will be alone in most of the journey and many times you may doubt your decisions, but you should make your choices instinctively. It helps to develop knowledge, skills and to dream and see changes.”

Lt. Gen. A. K. Singh, Advisor to JGU delved into his experiences as an army man to describe his journey. He spoke of the importance of leading from the front “The solider will only move forward when there is a great number or a young leader leading from the front. In business motivation is by increase in remuneration or high designations and so on, but in army it is by a strong leadership. Two qualities which a senior leadership in every organization must have are broad shoulders and a big heart.”

The speakers present recounted their lives struggles, inspirations and motivation to the audience.

Mr Pankaj Dubey, CEO & MD, Polaris India and Indian Motorcycles stressed on the importance of honesty and integrity and the desire to never stop learning.

Mr Sundeep Gajjar, Founder and CEO, xBhp defined success as being happy from inside. An avid photographer, traveler, and automobile lover he shared his journey of converting his passion into his profession. “These 17 years I have been riding, shooting and have been to 55 countries. I traveled from India to Australia on my Superbike completing 22,000 km. For me success is how I feel for myself. Here I just want to inspire you all by saying that, if you have a passion, which you can think that can be converted into profession, first complete your studies and then pursue it”, he added.

Automobile journalist Mr Punnoose Tharyan, Founder and Editor, Motown India magazine has been a journalist with over three decades of experience. Talking about his journey so far said “In my opinion success is all about how much pain can you endure. Once I was asked to interview Mr. O.P. Jindal and it was my fortune that it led to a big success in my career and the irony is now here I am, standing in his University speaking to his students” he added.

The daylong conclave was also graced by many other eminent personalities from the corporate world including Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, CEO, Nirvana Being; Capt. Vineet Kumar, Founder and President, Cyber Peace Foundation; Mr. Krishan Gupta, Managing Director, Organic Wellness; Mr. Rajshekhar Pullabhatla, Founder, Cyberange among others.

Dr. Rajesh Chakrabarti, Dean, Jindal Global Business School thanked the speakers for their inspiring lectures “I would like to thank our speakers for thoughtful and varied perspectives that they have brought here. I would also say it just not only the stories you have told, but the various paths that you have taken, that was just mesmerizing and we are so fortunate that you have taken the time to come here and share your great stories with us.”

The conclave was a part of the management fest ‘BizNest 2019’, an intercollegiate fest that seeks to bring together budding talents from various universities around India. The Leadership Summit was organized in collaboration with Centre for Leadership and Change, Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences seeking to bring industry leaders on one platform for an engaging and inspiring discussion.