Innovation Week Commences at Amity to Celebrate the ‘Birth Anniversary of Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’

New Delhi: Amity Innovation & Design Centre (AIDC) in collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), Ministry of Education has organized a ‘Innovation Week-2021’ to celebrate the ‘Birth Anniversary of Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Bharat Ratna, Former President of India.

Inaugurating the programme, Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Adviser and Head Technology Development and Transfer & National GLP Compliance & Monitoring Authority, Department of Science & Technology said, “In India almost 48,000 patents are filed out of which 15000 are filled by Indians and the rest by foreigners. This gap needs to be filled by Indian researchers. Innovation is not possible without science and technology and innovation needs to reach masses. Today every developed country stands on three pillars of science, technology and innovation and as a developing country we also need to pay special attention to these three pillars”. Dr Sharma added, today a major amount is spent on science and technology in the country in which private and public sector both are participating. He also mentioned that we are at number three in the list of PhD in Science and Technology in the World. At present, we are spending about 0.7 percent of GDP on science and technology research. Dr Sharma said that there are 255 researchers per 1 million people in our country which is less in number as compared to many other countries. He suggested that now countries should go on for Global Commercialization Index so that how many innovation are getting commercialized can be accounted for.

Dr. Mohit Gambhir, Director, Innovation, Ministry of Education, Innovation Cell, Founder and Director Verispire Founder PiVerse Inc, Founder and Managing Partner TecEsq said India ranks 40th in the Intellectual Property Index. There are many standards and characteristics here, and we have to make this earth a better place for all through innovation. Innovation can come from many things, but science and technology gives shape to innovation. A positive attitude towards change, creativity and courage fosters innovation. “We have to create such a system through innovation, where faculty becomes entrepreneur and then provide on the job training to the students in the campus itself”. Citing ‘Kapila Kalam Programme’, he said it is important for researchers to know the procedure of patents filing before publication of their research. Our New Education Policy also emphasizes on research and innovation, therefore we have to develop such a system that the teacher himself is a research scholar and the student becomes a helper in his project and teachers should be included in the board members of the companies, suggested Dr. Gambhir.

Addressing on the need and approach of Innovation Mr. Arun Malik, Executive Director, Telecommunication International Association – IndiaHub and Former Vice President, Airtel said Amity is doing an excellent work in the development of students and suggested 5 core principles innovation i.e sensitivity, changing paradigm, challenges, belief and human beings through which Innovations can take country to another big level,. He suggested that companies should peruse growth and efficiency together to prosperous.

Delivering the inaugural address, Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University said Innovation is the key to the development of institutions and industries which will help the country to become self-reliant. Understand the need of society, problems of industries and generating new products/ solutions is the key to innovation. Innovation and patent filing is important and the research environment has to be fostered. Students, research scholars are always encouraged by Amity to do research. Industry now needs novelty in innovation and patent filing and there patents should be pushed to commercialization so that technology reaches the end user. Researchers should also constantly take feedback from industry and accordingly make changes for betterment, averred Dr. Shukla

During the program, Dr. W. Selvamurthy, DG, ADSI & President, ASTIF; Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Anil Kapoor (Hony Advisor); Dr. Smita Sahu, Addl. Director, Amity IPR Cell also shared their views on Way Ahead & Road Map for the Future’ and advised institutions to promote culture of innovation, create intrinsic and extrinsic system amongst innovators.