International Mother Language Day celebrations at AMU


Aligarh : Various departments, faculties and centres of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) today celebrated the linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism across the Country with the International Mother Language Day celebrations.

Dr Mithilesh Kumar Jha (Department of Humanities and Social sciences, IIT, Guwahati) delivered a web talk on ‘NEP 2020 and the Indian Languages: Making Sense of Emerging Public Spheres in Modern India’ of the Masud Husain Khan Linguistics Society, Department of Linguistics, AMU.

In the talk, Dr Mithilesh delineated three language formula and its importance in today’s education system.

He spoke on the refined and standard tribal languages, dialects, scheduled and non-scheduled languages and how the work of Indian Institute of Translation and Interpretation in the education system is helping the different boards of studies.

Explaining the difference between Nij Bhasha (My Language) and Rashtra Bhasha (National Language), Dr Mithilesh shed light on the vernacular sphere for the distinction between caste and gender.

He discussed the works of Mahaveer Prasad Dwivedi, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi and Mahadevi Verma.

Dr Mithilesh examined the interconnections between language, print and emerging public spheres in modern India.

Prof M J Warsi (Chairman, Department of Linguistics) said: “International Mother Language Day celebration creates awareness on the linguistic and cultural diversity across the world. The activities on this day promote and preserve linguistic richness”.

He added: In recent times, the idea of linguistic and cultural awareness has increased, allowing the mother tongue to be more culturally accepted.

Prof Warsi pointed out that the Minister of Education, Government of India has been stressing for the Mother Language Day observations to promote and preserve mother languages.

“The activities that take place on this day will help us to understand diverse Indian cultures and various forms of literature, craft, performing arts, scripts, and other forms of creative expressions”, he said.

Presiding over the web talk, Prof Shreesh Chaudhary (Retired faculty member of the Department of Linguistics and English Language Teaching, IIT, Madras) touched upon challenges encountered by classical languages, and their relevance in the modern world.

Prof Shabana Hameed delivered the welcome address.

Mr Masood Ali Beg spoke on the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity for sustainable societies.

Essay writing, slogan writing and poster making competitions were held at the Z A Dental College (ZADC) on ‘Fostering Multilingualism for Inclusion in Education and Society’ to mark the occasion.

Prof R K Tewari (Principal, ZADC) discussed the importance of promoting and disseminating mother tongues and the need for raising awareness of the linguistic and cultural traditions across the Country and all over the world to inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue.

Prof Geeta Rajput (Program Coordinator) spoke on the greater use of mother tongues for development and progress of the nation.

At the Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC), Jawan, Department of Community Medicine, J N Medical College-JNMC; faculty members, resident doctors and other staff members raised awareness on the ‘importance of Mother Language’ among students of the Junior High School, Jawan.

“We explained to the students why it is imperative to preserve and protect their mother tongues. They were also given gifts for their active participation in the programme”, said Prof Anees Ahmad, Chairman, Department of Community Medicine.

He added: Since languages play a vital role in the development of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, it is necessary that the students understand the need to preserve and protect their mother tongues from a very early.

Dr Uzma Eram (In-charge-RHTC), Dr Sameena Ahmad, Dr Khan Iqbal Aqeel, Dr Asma Aftab, Dr Arpit Saxena, Tauseef Ahmad and Zakia Sultan also spoke on the promotion of multilingualism.

Ariza Naz stood first in the ‘Slogan and Poster’ competition for students on ‘Importance of Mother Language’ held to mark the ‘International Mother Language Day’ observations and celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism of the Country at the Women’s College, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Fatima Afzal and Buhsra Parveen jointly shared the second place and Shaheen Ara stood third. Eram Saba and Tabassum were given the consolation prize.

“The International Mother Language Day is a step towards showing commitment to the development of mother language in public life. This day makes people aware of the fact that multilingualism is important for the holistic development of the nation to ensure that no one is left behind”, said Prof Naima Khatoon (Principal, Women’s College).

Prof Reshma Begum (Programme Supervisor) emphasised: “Mother language empowers people. Let us all resolve to protect and preserve our languages by conversing in mother tongues”.

Dr Shagufta Niaz and Dr Nazish Begum stressed the need to promote languages and dialects across the Nation.


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